A Baby's First Birthday

Oh how we love our baby James. This year has just flown by and I am so grateful for every moment with my little boy.
A year ago today James surprised us by coming two weeks early. I cannot begin to say how my life has changed and how much I absolutely love being a mom. James is such a bright spot in our lives and in our marriage. He is such a little character who loves to laugh and smile. I love being a mother. There is no better thing in the world.
We are still settling down from moving out to California, so our computer is not set up with all our pictures and software for our camera to get pictures, so posts and pictures to come of James' first Christmas and birthday. So enjoy some links below to posts of James throughout the year :)
Labor Story
3-Months Old
Bath Video
Bad to the Bone
Photo Shoot


  1. awww!! Time flies when you're having fun! =)
    Happy 1 year, baby James!!

  2. He is so cute! What a handsome little guy. So I haven't been blogging in a really long time and when I saw the pictures I freaked because I thought OH NO! She had another one and I totally didn't even know!!! lol

  3. Oh kiddos grow so fast! They are the most work but most rewarding! Hey shoot me your email and I'll invite ya to our personal blog. sweetstar3@gmail.com