6 Months

Little James is 6 months old today! My oh my has the time flown by! We just love having him in our family (which I just can't express enough). James has so much personality it is so entertaining just watching him learn things and play with us. Here are some things about James:
- He loves to do zerbets- so very cute.
- He is still a jumping bean.
- Becomes completely fascinated with his pacifier and his pacifier holder. He finds it more amusing than most toys.
- When we put him down for tummy time now, he automatically gets in crawl position. He is even doing the rocking motion. I don't know when it'll happen, but he seems ready to take off :)
- Can sit up. He almost can do it without any assistance but he gets all excited and arches his back and therefore, thwarts the sitting up plan. He is getting better and better every day though.
- Tummy time is much more tolerable now, but still not his favorite. He can scooch a tad forward before getting frustrated.
- Rolls over both ways. He has been rolling over from tummy to back for a few months now but he kept stopping on his side when he was going back to tummy- it's almost like he knew he would get himself into a hated position and refused to do it. :)
- Is so very very talkative and expressive. We do not have a mellow baby- if he is happy, he lets you know it. If he is mad... he lets you know it! But I love it- he just makes me laugh so much with his personality!
- Loves the 'Mickey Mouse' song.
There is so much more about baby James, but these are the basics. We absolutely love him to death!


  1. Wow! 6months! And he's still just as cute as ever!!! :) Just think in 6 more months you'll have a one year old and I'll have a 3 1/2 month old. Yikes!

  2. it's fun to see them grow and learn new things. wish we were closer so we could see more of him :)

  3. He is so cute!! I don't know how you guys did it! ;) Seriously, you make me miss him so much! What a guy!

  4. I have been out of commission lately with blogging, but I wanted to say I think he looks so grown up compared to how I remember him! Time flies!

  5. He is so cute! I miss you guys! Saw your mom at church Amy and it made me miss your whole family!