Finally- Success!

I was really excited for James's four month mark because that meant we could start him on rice cereal. Yay! My last night in California, we decided to go ahead and try some. I was pretty sure he would love it... he always watches us eat our food with the utmost envy in his eyes and is eating more and more. Of course he'll love it... right?
Umm... Mommy... I don't like this at all!So... we chalked that up to a failure. I thought maybe he was just too tired or just not quite ready yet. I gave him a break and tried it again. The answer was still a profound NO. I kept giving him some days off and trying- perseverance always pays off! Each time, answer was NO. I thought maybe it was the spoon, he didn't like it. I gave him a spoon with no cereal on it and he had lots of fun just playing with his spoon... so that was not a problem... I thought maybe he just didn't like the cereal taste but he drank it just fine from a bottle. Oh, boy he was confusing me. Yesterday I tried it again and I don't know what, but something clicked. He ate it! And might I add, he basically loved it. So after an extra month and a half of trying, our little guy is eating his rice cereal. Good job, little buddy!


  1. His hair is so long!!! We need to get together. It's been a while.

  2. yes we do lori!
    and i might add right here- the pics of him liking his rice cereal is after his first hair cut. i would of posted about it, but i forgot to take pictures (i know, bad mom) and life has gotten away from me. so his hair is shorter in those (if you notice at all). it was just out of control!

  3. glad he's eating the cereal now. audrey really likes the oatmeal one too.