Farewell, Rexburg.
I have been wanting to say these words for over 1 1/2 years now... but now that is it truly time to say goodbye, we don't really want to.
We had been planning on staying in Rexburg for the rest of our lease (April) and maybe some extra months after that. Unfortunately employment is quite difficult to find around here. This last Friday, very last minute, we finally decided it was time to move on. There are so many 'pros' to staying in Rexburg, but there are two big 'cons' of staying here that just makes/breaks it all.
1- Weather. It. Is. So. Cold. This would of been my fifth winter in this area and I have never felt it so cold, so early. Brrr. I can live with snow, but I hate negative temperatures.
2- Jobs. Maybe bigger than weather, but depends on who you talk to ;)
Since we have no job leads anywhere else, we have decided to move back home to California. We will be living with my parents (again) for only a few months. The plan is to move out once we hear back from grad schools and can figure out where to go next.
We have truly been blessed living in Rexburg and going to BYU-Idaho. It seems like just yesterday we got Brad's acceptance and made the move out. We have made so many great friends here, it is hard to say goodbye. I hate goodbyes.
I will truly miss seeing the beautiful Rexburg Temple on the hill, seeing it all over the city. Who knows when we will live so close to a temple again.
On the upside, life goes on. We are moving on to great adventures- grad school! I am so beyond proud of Brad and all he has accomplished with his schooling (I'll brag more on a different post).
So here's to life- bring on the future! And, again... Farewell, Rexburg.


  1. :-(

    Meagan dislikes this post.

    (we will miss you guys SO much...and Brinley the most!)

  2. When are you moving?? Call or text me so we can see you again before you go!!

  3. we'll miss you guys. Wish our Jameses could have played together more. Those are definitely 2 big cons of Rexburg!

  4. At least you will have good food in Cali :0)

  5. :) for your new adventure and all brad's success. :( from selfish me who is so saddened beyond words that I don't get to see you one last time (and more often) and that you won't get to meet baby carter.

  6. It was a blessing to me to know you and have you in the ward. You have blessed so many lives.
    Bishop and Sister Fillmore