"We are pleased to inform you..."

Friday night started off not so great. I was going to surprise Brad with a romantic dinner at a local restaurant, but of course my stomach got the best of me. I had to cancel reservations (which I have to do again for tonight due to non-health reasons), but luckily Brad had no idea so he couldn't be dissappointed.
I retired to my bed and was soon joined by my two cats, and we watched tv. Brad was on our computer and I hear my little chime to inform me that I got a new email. Brad usually doesn't check them, but all of a sudden he YELLS. And not just one yell, it was a series of yells. He runs into our bedroom, continually being loud. First off, if you know Brad he is not a yeller or one to show excitement. So something either really good or really bad has just happened. Second off, if you know cats, they aren't the biggest fans of loud noises. Both cats rocketed off the bed when Brad came in- in fact, one of them ran into the wall in her haste to get away from the loud noise. Then they froze in fear. Pretty funny.
Back to the subject at hand, it was an email from BYU-Idaho. All it said basically was, A decision has been made, go check your status. Lo and behold, miracle of miracles, Brad has been ACCEPTED to BYU-Idaho. We are just waiting now to find out what track he will be admitted to and if he can start this summer. Even if he can't, fall works too!!
I am so unbelievably proud of my husband. The reason why we had to wait so long to apply, is Brad's GPA wasn't all that great. He had to retake a few classes to get it back to semi-good standing. He didn't have his final grade until this last Thursday because he had to retake the final (he took it a while ago and it had gotten lost in the mail). I know this time around is going to be great and that we are going to be where we need to be. I have no doubt about this.
Last little note, these are our plans for moving: Our last day in California is April 12th. We will be in Utah until the morning of the 15th, then we will drive up to Rexburg and move into our apartment. The 14th we will be in Provo all day, and emptying our storage unit that night. I hope to see friends and family while we're there, and if we miss you don't worry! I'll only be in Rexburg now!!


  1. Way to go for Brad! Good luck in Idaho. Have a safe trip out there too.

  2. Hurray! Congratulations. I have tons planned for this summer and most of it includes you guys so be ready :)

  3. congrats brad. that is awesome. good luck out there!

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