Our Romantic Night Out

Remember how I mentioned in my last post how I was trying to go out on a romantic dinner with Brad? Well, we finally made it happen last night! It was our third attempt and I'm glad we were able to go. Our last BIG date before we become even more poor with being college students.
We went to a local restaurant called Isadore's. I had called beforehand to make a reservation, and they asked me if we were celebrating anything. Yes, we were... LOTS of things, actually. But which one would be the most plausible? Two days ago it happened to be our 3 1/2 year anniversary, so I chose that one. We never celebrate 1/2's, but why not this time?
When we arrived and they showed us our booth, we had a little 'Congratulations' banner across the table with some confetti. It took me a little while to realize we were the only table to have something 'special' on it. It was a great evening- though at times I felt selfconcious because I am in no way used to eating at such a nice establishment. For example, I wanted to know if the pasta of the day was very good, and the cook made me a little side dish so I could see if I would like it (and yes it was delicious!). Both of our entrees were so delicious, though I only ate half of mine so I could have some dessert! Here is the good part of saying it was our anniversary- you get a free dessert when it is your anniversary! We decided on Sex (in a Pan). When I suggested it, Brad looked at me kind of with aghast. I pointed to the dessert menu and he started laughing. When our waitress brought us our dessert, she had to check it was our wedding anniversary, and not just boyfriend/girlfriend anniversary. She commented on how young we both looked to be married. I'd rather just look young to be married, then have the comments I used to get when we first married. I seriously had people ask me if my parent's had to sign a consent form to be married- apparently I looked like I was 16!
The Sex was amazing (I just wanted to say that! But it really was a perfect dessert) and we ate the whole thing! They also take a polaroid picture for anniversaries, so now we have a little picture to commemorate this special night.
It is so nice to go out on dates with my husband, and just enjoy being together. I love him, and I'm pretty sure he loves me back :)


  1. How fun!! I don't think you'll be finding a dessert named sex anywhere in the 'burg so I'm glad you could have it while you can!

  2. i love that you said "the sex was amazing" on your blog. i love it. sounds like you guys had a great time.

  3. just wanted to let you know, i answered your question on my blog in case you got others curious too.