Hairy Situation

I have come to the conclusion that I hate having my hair cut. There have been one too many times where the outcome is FAR different than expected, and I have difficulty with that. Yes, hair grows back... after many months!
I've been looking online for some inspiration to help me in my quest for what to do with my locks. I have always wanted to grow my hair out, but my patience runs out at about the same length every time and it never works out. I'm at that length right now. I don't even know if I would look good with longer hair.
So these are what I feel are my options: keep growing my hair out but get a new style, cut it rather short (no shorter than brushing against my shoulders) and decide on a style, or just get a trim and keep the same old thing. One of my main goals is to not look like I'm in high school- that I am past my 20th birthday because I tend to look too young (which I hate now but maybe later it'll come in handy). My key words are chic, sassy, maybe a little bit of edge- nothing matronly.
My other main issue with getting my hair cut is I have a hard time trusting my stylist. They usually get it right, but not quite what I want. I know it's mostly my fault because I'm a complete nerd when I try to explain things and I can get a bit shy, but I wish they would at least say, Oh honey that just doesn't work! I am amazed at those girls who have a permanent stylist- I hope someday I have one. Or at least, I stay in one city long enough to acquire one!
I write this mainly because I need feedback- outside sources. You see what I do not see of myself. So if you have any suggestions, by all means leave a little note. My picture in the post below is my most recent photo. And remember, I have natural curly hair. Just throw one more wrench into this whole "hairy" mess!


  1. Well I'm no hair expert and I've always liked your hair however it's cut. I do know someone who knows about hair though and I always have her cut my hair and like it (of course I'm not as picky as you). When you get up here you could always talk to Lara about what she thinks would look good and work for you. Even if you don't trust her to cut your hair, she might have some good tips for you.

  2. i'm having my own hairy situation over here too. i am in serious need of a new doo. i'm thinking of just above shoulder length with lots of layers. your hair would look great if you grew it out long. with summer coming on, the long is out of the question for me!

  3. we are in the same boat. I think you should just trim it a little and then continue to grow it long. Although long is a lot of hair to blow and when you are tired of long you could donate it to locks of love. On another note I would like you to change my blog back ground. I will email my password to you unless you still have it. Just something springish would be good. Talk to you later and good luck.

  4. Blow dry. Sorry i left out dry and hair.

  5. Hey Amy, I recently cut my hair shorter than I ever have, and I LOVE it! I finally found someone who is truly skilled when it comes to hair cutting, so no more not trusting the stylist for me. I know exactly what you mean.