Farewell Oakland Temple

We have been blessed while living here in California that Brad was able to be employed by the Oakland Temple. Who doesn't want to go to the temple practically every day?! Brad also got to work frequently in the room where we got sealed, too, which I thought was neat. He was an Assistant Engineer, where he helped fix things around the temple. I don't do a very good job describing what he did, so pardon my bad description! Ask Brad if you want more detail. It's been really hard on Brad with the loooong commute and long work hours, but it's also been worth it.
This last Friday was Brad's last day of work at the temple. I think it was kind of bitter-sweet for him. Say good-bye to friends, but also say good-bye to weird hours and commute. The temple presented him with a picture of the Oakland Temple, matted but no frame, as a farewell token of appreciation. On the mat everyone wrote a little message for Brad and signed it. It was really sweet to see all the nice things people said, and wishing him good luck with his future endeavors. There is one entry, however, that is actually comical. A sister from the cafeteria wrote this for Brad: "Brad, Have a great time in college. Enjoy the girls!" Um, what?? Brad told me this on his drive home from work and I laughed so hard! I asked him if he always wore his wedding ring and he was like, "Every day! I don't know why she put that!". I told him we should get it re-matted and he was like, "No way! This is going to be a joke for YEARS!". Maybe I should just get some white-out and blot out the 's'... just kidding!
This was the first-step of our last-steps out of California. Our room is a complete mess as we attempt to pack up all we can. We had a farewell-party on Saturday with friends from the ward and everyone asked me if I was all packed. Umm... no. I put off packing until I absolutely have to. I hate it. But it must be done. I actually got 5 boxes packed today. I didn't realize how many things I have accumulated since moving back here... oops. But I'll use it all, I'm sure.


  1. HILARIOUS!!! Maybe she just meant that you're so much to handle that you seem like more than one girl....j/k dearest! :) I don't know where she could be coming from other than the fact that she obviously didn't know brad that well. And you would need "gray-out" not white out if you wanted to get rid of that "s". I'm so excited to see you guys!!! Good luck with getting the rest packed!

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  3. I just got all caught up on your latest posts. Your romantic dinner sounds like such a great date. I'm so glad it all worked out and how fabulous to go to a restaurant with such great perks! Congrats to Brad for getting into BYUI, Josh Capell just got accepted too so there'll be a couple of cousins out there too! The lunch lady comment is hilarious, I totally laughed. Good luck packing and moving!!

  4. what a nice gift. i think that would be great in a nice big frame. hope you guys drive safe and hope to see you soon!