8 Months

I wasn't planning on doing an 8-month post about James, but it seems like he has changed a lot... so I am! I still can't believe how he just keeps growing and changing.
Little bits of James:
- he can crawl! Right after he turned 6-months he developed the "worm" crawl and got pretty good at it. Then right after 7-months, he finally mastered the arms to hold himself up and he just started to go! Super speedy little guy.
- pulls himself up- onto everything! This happened within a few days of him mastering the crawl and surprised both Brad and I.
- has two teeth! Sharp little buggers...
- loves bananas. We started finger food this week. He was pretty hesitant but once I started to munch on some of the food, he, of course, followed suit.
- loves Cheerios.
- HATES the baby finger food. We bought him some yogurt melts and the star puffs. Gagged every time they were in his mouth and has since recognized them and will gag if I just show them to him. Hates those things.
- loves when Brad and I put our fingers to his mouth and go up and down to make silly sound.
- is trying very hard himself to make the silly sound with his own fingers.
- can't clap or wave yet! We've been trying to get him to do these things and he just looks at us with a smile that says, Wow, you guys are really good at that! He has kind of waved but nothing to really count as waving.
-has now had two hair cuts! I was a bad mother the first one and did not take photos. But I redeemed myself and had Rachel take pictures of the second hair cut (those pics and post to come later). He is actually due for a third one pretty soon. We do his hair in a sort of faux hawk style :)
That is 8-month old baby James! It's hard to keep up on what is going on with him because it feels like so much is happening right now. We love having him in our life, he is such a delight and a blessing to us. I know I say that every time, but he truly is and always will be.


  1. fun fun...he's too cute and looks tall. Can't wait until we can get them together

  2. Oh he is so cute. He just gets cuter and cuter. How fun!

  3. Cute! Wow, time has flown!...it seems like it was just a few months ago that you had him.

  4. Rach and I were talking today about it's his 8 month birthday! Time flies... You forgot to put that he will kiss on demand! ;) So cute!

  5. He is so stinkin cute! Love all the pictures!!

  6. I LOVE 8 months!! It's such a fun age. I feel like 8 months is the beginning of a lot of really fun times...that just get better, and better!!

  7. It has been SO much fun hanging out with you and Brad and James lately. Seriously...why has it taken this long!!! You are an absolute doll and you make me laugh! Baby James is soooooo adorable. Cute pics!

  8. Amy--I need your address. I've been carrying a thank you note around for weeks. Email me at brandon_keller@hotmail.com.

    Thanks, Andrea

    PS. I love your blogs!!!