Family Reunion

Since my whole family was in the area of Utah/Idaho, my parents decided it was about time to start a family reunion. They chose Driggs, ID. So pretty there! They rented a log cabin for four days- such a nice place! Big backyard, view of the Tetons from the backporch, rooms for everyone (13 people), outdoor hot tub, and plenty of space for little ones. We all loved it.
Our vacation consisted of:
mostly everyone (minus the 4 kids, grandma, me, and Angie) going shooting up in the mountains, family pictures (those to come soon), scrapbooking the year for all our families, a trip to Jackson Hole, WY,
We love the bear :)
a day of games and rest,
James enraptured by a fan
family history, and just hanging out with one another.I think it was a great way to start our family reunions :)
After our family reunion ended, my parents came back to Rexburg to help my sister move out. Rachel has been living with our little family this past summer. It was great to have her here and she will be missed (especially by a little roommate of hers). She and my parents then left on Friday for California.
I guess our lives have to get normal now- no more planned vacations for a while and no one visiting that we know of. We will miss seeing family, but it is nice to have a break from vacations :)
An owl we saw on a scenic drive- way coolEntertained by a cup and grandmaIn his first "real" tub bath


  1. Such fun! I can't believe you have a butt shot of James! Blackmail for later! :)

  2. looks like he's enjoying the big tub :)