Second Cut and First Game

Like I said in a previous post, James has now had two hair cuts. And he really is due for a third- it's starting to go over his ear and is getting pretty long in the front.
The first hair cut, I'm not going to lie, was kind of a shock for me. I didn't think I would care, cutting off his little hair... but it's like a part of his newness. He came out of the womb with this hair and we're chopping it off! I also wasn't going to keep it, but I did. What I could get is in a little baggy waiting to be scrapbooked someday. Apparently it's what you do with your child's first hair cut- who knew.
Since I did not 'document' the first hair cutting occasion (since I was preoccupied holding him and gasping while his hair fell in my lap), the second time I put Rachel in charge of taking pictures. No worries- I wasn't my usual drama queen self for the second hair cut. We cut his hair a few days after we got back from the Snowbird family reunion.
A before pictureDad getting scissors ready... don't mind our messWe had to give him a travel Kleenex bag because he wouldn't stop movingThe end result
A little while ago we got invited to go to the Idaho Falls Chukars game. Wednesday nights if you have a special Pepsi can, you buy one ticket get the other free. Heck yes! We were a little late getting down to Idaho Falls for the game and tried to get to the ticket office quickly. As we walked up, a lady with her kids came up to us and asked us if we had tickets. That would be a no. She handed us two tickets and said they got a bundle package and had some left over so we could have them for free. Even better! I have only been to three baseball games (Oakland A's, Dodgers vs Padres in San Diego on our honeymoon, and IF Chukars) and I've only had to pay once (A's) and it was from a scalper so it was hecka cheap.
This was James' first baseball game and we were very excited for him- though he wasn't. He got pretty fussy at times, but oh well. Maybe next time he'll be more excited :)
With mom at the game- gotta love his baseball jammies
Hanging with daddy
Posing with the Chukars mascot

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