Aargh, Scallywags!

I hope you already guessed what our little 'crew' was for Halloween.. PIRATES!! And it seriously cost us like $15- we were scruffy homemade pirates :)
We had a Halloween Party for our ward tonight. There were a few cars outside that decked out for Trunk-or-Treat, which was pretty cool. Then we headed inside for some yummy-ness and a costume contest. Sadly... we did not win (but we did come in second!)... but our friends did!
Our friends were dressed up all cute, so I snapped their photos. Though I didn't get everyone I had wanted...
Michael and Lyndsey- the winners!Shelane and Richard- a bunny and hunter.Matthew and Emily- a man with an invisible suit/mental, and then his nurse
Then- us! Gaarrr!!
James for about half an hour
After returning home, I was trying to finish prepping my lesson for tomorrow and Brad was taking off the lovely black eye I gave him. James decided he'd rather hang with daddy in the bathroom, already one of his fave rooms. Well, he discovered toilet paper-ooo! It rolls off! Soon, the deed was done, the mess was made, and all was left to do was laugh and take some pictures. It was his little trick for us on his first Halloween. Happy Halloween!


  1. nice costumes! ahh the toilet paper....my James does pretty well staying away as long as the toilet paper is dangling really long

  2. CUTE! I love all the pics of everyone else too, gives me some good ideas!!!!

  3. at least brad made some effort into dressing up for your party, neil put on his snowboarding camo pants and a green t-shirt and called it a night :) you guys look great.