Warts and All

While we were in California, we designated a night to Halloween and fallness. My mom made her delicious stew and biscuits, we went and got pumpkins from a fruit stand, carved pumpkins, and we were going to watch Hocus Pocus. Sadly, the last part did not happen. Rach and I looked for it at stores and rental places, nada. So sad! Love that movie!
One of the things I miss most about California (besides both our families) is the produce. I have a really hard time buying fruit and veggies here because they do not last as long and the taste is so different. Except potatoes- they are better here, of course :) I was so excited to go to the Jack Tone Fruit Stand to get our pumpkins- silly, I know, but it is where we went while I was growing up so good times. We chose our two pumpkins, got some fresh produce, and headed on home to start our fun-ness.
Still not posing with pumpkins...Jack Tone's lovely array of fallThe girls working.The men hanging out
My pumpkin (with much assistance from the mother)!
Raches pumpkin!Ooooo... haunted mansion!Creeper through the blinds!All lit up


  1. The creeper pumpkin is scary!! Those warty pumpkins are yucky! At least those warts weren't on James...

  2. I miss the produce SOOO much! My husband doesn't understand how much better the produce is. He tells me that's not a good reason to move... whatever;). I know Brigham City has "the best peaches" but they suck. The ones from my back yard in Manteca were FAR better.

  3. very cool pumpkins. love the haunted house one