Dancing Through Life

I love musicals. LOVE them! I had only seen one musical on stage (The Phantom of the Opera) and I was in the 8th grade. It is safe to say it has been a while and I was due for seeing another one.
I heard that Wicked was going to be showing in Salt Lake City this past spring and I got soo excited! SLC is only four(ish) hours away and we know lots of people down there, so we were sure we could find a babysitter. I got online, went to look at tickets... and stopped planning. Um... $150... per person? You joking me? I think we'll pass. Needless to say, both Brad and I were bummed.
Then... drumroll please... my dear mother found out that Wicked would be showing in San Francisco this summer- that is only an hour(ish) away! Ooo wait. We had no plans to visit California this summer. Bummer. Lo and behold, Wicked extended their dates to December. And what was the ticket price? $50, you say? So what do you think I did when I visited California? Oh yeah- I saw Wicked! And it was AMAZING! My wonderful dad watched James for me while us girls went to SF. We had a blast and chatted the whole way home! Love my mom and sister :)
The city, while going over the Bay Bridge
Orpheum Theater- yes it's blurry. I had to cross the street right when I was taking the pictureOutside the theater, imitating Elphaba and GlindaInside the Orpheum was beautifulWe are so excited!
Brad and I are already planning on seeing it this December for Christmas and we are both so very excited! Brad has never seen a production on stage so I'm super excited for him. When I got home from California, I tlistened to the soundtrack for at least two weeks. I only took it out because I was pretty sure I'd kill the music for Brad if he had to keep listening to it (he said I wasn't- he really loves the music. His favorite song is "Popular". How cute is that?)


  1. (no comment because I am so jealous)

    I have read 1/2 the book (it's way weird and a bit nasty at times) and I listen to the soundtrack at least once a week....But i have never been to the musical!!! TEAR! Why are thoes tickets so darn cheap?!?!??!?! So jealous...seriously.

  2. my mom and sister saw wicked in LA and LOVED it too. that would be fun to go see it next month :)

  3. now that i've seen it i had to come back and see your post again. i loved fiyero :)