First Christmas

Holy cow, I finally found time to do this post! Christmas was great this year, of course. My brother's family (Craig, Angie, and Lucas) were able to spend the week of Christmas at my parent's house. It was great fun seeing the two baby boys play together- they are only 3 months apart. We loved spending time with them.On Christmas Eve, we went to Bass Pro Shop so James could meet Santa. I was planning on taking him to the horribly busy malls, but thanks to my mother-in-law for telling me about the Santa that was in town! And did a FREE 4x6 photo (this one was taken by moi, though)!
Christmas morning was spent at my parent's house. We opened gifts, munched on delicious orange rolls, sipped glogg, had an early supper... wonderful morning/early afternoon. Added bonus: a beautifully sunny day. Then we headed out to the ranch in the later afternoon! At Brad's parents we opened more presents, watched the kids and boys ride around on the go-cart, pet some animals, ate more delicious food... all in all, great day.

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  1. Riley got that same bear...are you tired of hearing "It's Learning Time"? Haha...I am :0) Sure miss ya'll. What's been going on? What's ya'lls next plans?