Baseball and a Graduation

I always think I have nothing to put on here... then I look at the pictures I have and realize I actually have quite a bit to update on :) 

This post is all about the Jimmer. First- he had his first baseball season. I asked him this year if he had to choose ONE sport to play, what would he want it to be? Baseball. There ya go. Due to the never ending sicknesses we were encountering in winter/early spring, I missed the deadline. Gah. But, not by too much. I could still sign him up if they had spots available. A week later (or 6 days after they said they'd notify us...), we got the email that let us know he had a spot on a team. James was so excited! We figured he'd get put on a tee-ball team since he's never played before. Nope. Machine pitch. Eesh. The first game (which was at the jamboree they held and wasn't really part of the season), he definitely had room for improvement. By the end of the season, he got Most Improved Player on his team. We're (more like I'm...) still deciding if he should play again. He loves to bat and he loves to play catcher. That's about it. But I think if we go with a league that is more organized and really work with him on his focus, he'll definitely continue to do well.
Seattle Mariners!
 This kid LOVED wearing his uniform
 Favorite position- catcher! The coach was really impressed with him as catcher since he was the only one who didn't mind getting hit by the ball. James liked to call it, "catcher armor"
 Last game and pizza!!... which we totally missed, thanks to me. Oops. We made it to the tail end of the pizza party at least. Then made it up to them with happy meals for dinner instead
Here is a video of James getting a hit. Don't mind my annoying jumping and yelling- I can't help it. So exciting! He was the last hit for the game so Brad had him run the bases anyways
Next- James graduated from kindergarten! Aaaah! The day before the last day of school, his class put on a little program. It was so cute- we went to the school's small outdoor amphitheater and they sang 3 songs for us. Then we went back to the kinder area where they had bubbles, chalk, the playground, two crafts, bean bag toss, and yummy watermelon. Once we were all nice and hot, we crowded into the classroom for the graduation. They went alphabetical by first name and they would read what the student had said they wanted to be when they grew up. I kind of had an idea what James would tell them, but you never know with him. We have a talk almost daily about some new career he wants to be (and I love it. the world is your oyster, kid!). He told his teachers, "I want to be a soldier so I can protect America." Isn't that awesome?? It was my guess of what he would say because of a random conversation we had had a week or so before. Who knew he was so patriotic?? 
 Last Day! Didn't he just start?? 
The last day of school he was a little bummed, knowing he wouldn't be having his teachers anymore. On the way out of dropping him off, I was able to talk to the assistant teacher. Turns out, James had been in the high reading group the whole year. Had no idea. Totally thought he was in mid range. He is loving this new knowledge, reading all the signs in stores and things here and there. His love for reading just keeps growing. We actually just finished reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe last night. It's really something awesome to be able to share the love of reading with my children.
This little boy is growing up right before our eyes. Next up, 1st grade while his younger brother has his turn at Kindergarten. Oddly enough, Jack won't start for two more years so I won't lose all my kids to school at once ;) 

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