Thing of the Past?

I'm finding it harder and harder to find a reason to blog. I love writing and I love sharing our family on here, but it just doesn't seem worth it anymore. The time, the thought, the uploading photos (i am SO bad at that...), the boredom with the rut I seem to be in of only updating on fun things instead of real life and thoughts, the fact that I write a post like this every few months, etc. And it just seems like family blogs are a thing of the past. It's all about DIY or food or life or whatever blogs now. Don't get me wrong, I looove those blogs... but family ones just seem to get lost in all of those big ones. But I have decided to give it a go again, try a little harder a little longer. See if I can get myself out of the rut and post different things. Not like anyone cares, but I do. And it's my blog, so there :)
James and Gavin are in school. Say what?!?! Yup. Little Gavin is a kindergartner... so hard to believe. He is loving school and thriving. He also happens to be the sweetest kid- anytime he sees someone from his class (leaving or coming to school or while we're shopping), he frantically waves and says, "Hi, so-and-so!", with a huge smile on his face. Gavin just loves everyone. James is also loving school. We're starting to finally get the hang of 1st grade... someone isn't used to waking up on time. Or bringing and doing homework every day. He's actually made some good friends, which is huge for him. James is very friendly and very sweet, but he has a hard time making friends. So this mama is very excited to see other kids see how awesome that boy is.
Jack has been bored. Haha! He's stuck with me all day. The first week was rough for him. We'd be home for an hour and he'd ask me if we could go get his brothers. Last week he finally was getting into playing by himself a little and enjoying being home. 

I'd update on us parentals, but I'll save it for later so I will actually post again... :)

I definitely forget the reason why I started this blog. I started it before we had children, when I was starting to come out of my anxiety revelation. This blog was my outlet- writing is very therapeutic for me and getting things out of my head is generally a good idea :) Though looking back, a lot of what I wrote was fluff, it still felt good to write and be semi-creative that way. I do regret not opening up more on here and making it "my" space instead of posting just whatever or thinking it shouldn't be on here. But hindsight, right?? I still blogged just to blog- I think I had maybe two people that read it and I didn't care. Then blogs became "the thing" and I started caring more about how many people were reading it. Add having kids to the mix, and "me" just got lost in the transition even more (imagine that...). SO let's swing this thang back to what it was intended for, shall I?

One last thing... Star Wars is everywhere. And I make the boys look at their stuff every time we look at toys. Because Star Wars... duh


  1. I love seeing your update! Blogging I feel is a good journal space! Miss you!

  2. I care!!!! I LOVE your blog!! I love your thoughts, and feelings, your family, your insights,and pictures...heck, I just love it all. Perhaps it's because I love you?! Most likely! ;)

  3. I am glad you are trying again. :) I love reading about your family! It's too bad we don't live closer. My three girls are obsessed with Star Wars! Seriously! Sophie is playing Lego Star Wars on the wii right now, and they are all dressing up as Star Wars characters for Halloween. And we took a picture by Chewie at Target, too. :)
    Miss you guys!