Color Me RAD

I did my first color run! AND I did it with Brad, my love. Not to sound corny (but I might a little), but it was really something special doing this with him. He's been wanting to do something like this with me for a while, and I don't think I realized how much he had until I asked him if he'd want to. I got a resounding, "YES!" Which is big for him. 
Blank slates, ready to go
 And we're off- this picture defines our different personalities SO well
The day of the race, my friend and her family watched the boys while we ran (thank you again, Ashley!!). I always get a little self-conscience running with people because I really cannot run at a normal or steady pace. I usually peter off at 3/4 of a mile or so. And then it's a mix of walking, feeling out my knee, trying to run as long as I can, and going back to walking. Once I pass that initial distance of running, I cannot match it again. The number just gets smaller and smaller of what I am able to run. Now, Brad on the other hand, can run. He can keep pace. He has no problem. The whole time he kept saying, "Whatever you need, babe. Whatever you need. You set the pace and I'll follow." I finally stopped apologizing for being slow and was just really grateful that he was being so understanding. And enjoyed the run! Seriously, it was fun. I thought there would be more color stations, but when they did have them we tried to go as slow as possible so they'd just deck us in color. 
Ashley took some pics while we were racing- isn't her daughter just the cutest thing?? Her twin brother is just as adorable too
All five of them being silly
Color Me Rad's pictures
No matter how I am feeling, I always try to finish my races running. We walked extra long so I could muster up the last of my knee and run to the finish. And who was waiting there but our wonderful boys, cheering us on with my sister, our brother-in-law, and our friends. It was awesome! I grabbed Gavin for the last color station and he loved it! The boys really felt the energy and had a blast thre (except Jack. which was kind of weird, but he's a kid. they go weird on you sometimes). Once finished, we grabbed our snacks and they give you a free color packet. Ooooh yeeeaaaaah. I am SO glad I had the boys wear white shirts as well because we were just throwing it all over each other- it was so much fun! But not for Jack. We would put a smidge on him and he'd start crying. Sheesh. Once our packets ran out, we posed for some pictures. Then we dusted off and headed home for some very colorful showers. All in all, very fun run.
I love this guy
 And I love these boys- James had given Gav a hug from behind and got the red powder aaalll over his face (as you can see)
The boys have already decided that they are doing the run with us next year. Looks like we'll be training these boys for endurance running :)

Unfortunately, my knee did not recover as well as it usually does from a run. It looks like this year will be my last year for running until I can strengthen this knee of mine. I'm pretty sure it's runner's knee and it's a problem I've had since I've been in the seventh grade. But being 'pretty sure' isn't great when it comes to such an important body part, so I'm hoping to get in to the doctor soon and get the right exercises going here. I do have another Dirty Dash coming up (eeeek i'm so excited!!), but there isn't a ton of running in that. So hopefully I don't kill myself! Here's to wishing and working on this bum knee of mine. 

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