Life Around Here

As usual, there is lots that I haven't posted about. To make it easy, here's a bunch of pics to tell the story
First off, our kids are just plain cute.
Apparently Wacky Wednesday means underwear on the head to wear to school. Call me a prude, but that got a quick veto from the mother...
 We made a treasure map together and I became extra awesome in their eyes since I burnt the edges. If you're going to make a map, do it the right way.
Brad picked up some traditional veshti outfits for the boys as well. Jack straight up refuses to wear the "skirt". The other two looooved 'em

I myself sported some new Indian clothing. Brad got me this shirt (which has a proper name, I was told, but cannot remember what it is) as well as another plus two traditional outfits.
One day perusing Target we found a Darth Vader backpack that I'm going to buy Gavin. Because it's awesome. And he looks too cute and grown-up in this picture
Our first walk of this beautiful spring season, not even two blocks away from our house, Jack was running, tripped, and skidded on his head. End of that walk. Once he got over the initial "ow!", he was fine. Such a trooper
One happy kid, this one.
We finally went on another hike! Spencer's Butte again and no one had to be held. Score!
Beautiful, even with low clouds
I don't know if anyone else is noticing, but Gavin has this hand-pose thing he does whenever I ask him to take a picture. Whatever works for you, dude.
Since Easter fell on our church's General Conference broadcast, the boys dressed up for Easter the Sunday before. Which was basically no difference in clothing from any other Sunday. I love boys :)
Boys and their mama!
Boys and their dad! Handsome group right there
Oh, and my latest project- making a framed chalkboard!
James started baseball! He's never played before, not even tee-ball, and he's playing with a pitch machine at the games. Eesh. He's showing some improvement and he's enjoying learning the game. Pretty sure the best thing for him is the uniform, though.
And the final picture- Jack playing with the erasers. I kid you not, he played with these erasers for two hours. Broken up in time, but in the end, yeah... two hours. If I remember correctly, he was making them into Transformers. Imagination... it's a wonderful thing. (and the next morning he roped his brothers into it for another hour and a half. he doesn't play with them every day, but he really does love to play with them...)

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