Happy Birthday, James

My Jamers-

Where has the time gone? You are three years old! We are so grateful for you in our family. You have such a special love for life and for those around you. Every day you are growing and learning so much. You crack me up all the time. I love the time I have to stay home with you and your little brothers. I am so happy with how you've taken to being a big brother- you were made for these two little guys! 

I think back to three years ago, and all the wonderful moments we had together our first day. I remember your first, beautiful cry- my baby had finally joined us and I could not believe it. We had waited so long to hold you and kiss you and just love you. Longer than just 9 months. After wanting a baby for so long and not being able to get one, you had finally joined us. I remember seeing you and kissing you for the first time, crying with happiness. I remember holding you that night and soaking you up, not wanting to ever put you down. 

Here we are now. My little climber and jumper. You love to act out Tangled and be Flynn Rider. You are a runner, which is great except when you run away from me... which you do often. Learning to talk better and better every day. It's amazing what you pick up. You are a serious lover of the brothers. You are completely hilarious and we laugh at all the funny things you say and do. Such a crack-up.

Seriously, kid... I love you

love- mommy
First birthday
 Second birthday
 Almost three!

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  1. What a cutie pie! The past three years have gone soooo fast!! :)