Christmas Weekend

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all had a fantabulous Christmas, I know we did. 

Christmas Eve was a day to just relax and enjoy each other's company... and to run to Target to get some last minute things :) We had the boys in their Christmas shirts/outfits. James is wearing a shirt with characters from the classic "Rudolph" movie (looooove that movie) and Gavin is wearing Mr. Grinch with the dog on the back. Adorable. Jack is wearing "Baby's First Christmas", which Gavin wore last year (eek!!). Pictures were attempted... kinda hard to get all three of them sitting still. 
Culprit: James
Hey,  not too bad!
Would have been so cute... Gavin...
 Once the boys were in bed, we loaded the presents under the tree and stuffed their stockings full
 Oh, and I whipped up three little ties for church the next day. Talk about procrastinating a project- pretty sure I had the material for over a month.
Christmas day was mostly nice. We decided that it'd be better to open gifts after church. I love church, I love Christmas... but the two mixing this year did not go too well for us. We'll just say lots of fits... by a very tired one-year old. And some issues with opening only their presents... by an almost 3-year old. And a baby who decided to wake up to just cry during it all. But hey- that's having little kids for yeah! Still- they had fun, they loved ALL their presents, so it's all good. Before we started the opening festivities, we tried to get a family picture in front of our tree. Didn't quite work, but at least we got something! 
 Someone did NOT want to look at the camera
Now Christmas is over and I am oh so happy. I love this holiday, but it was just plain stressful this year. I finally got into the spirit of it all on Friday. I was into it the beginning of the month, and then it kinda went away. But it came back just in time! And now it's gone and my house is already un-decorated. It's awesome. Partly because of me not wanting it up, another part is getting ready for someone's THIRD birthday in two days! Can't believe it- when did my little boy become such a big boy? And we still have so many years ahead of us!


  1. You did such a great job with the ties! They all looked so cute! :)

  2. We had a crazy Christmas too. Can't believe James is going to be 3! Your boys sure did look mighty handsome :)

  3. looks like you guys had a great Christmas. we missed seeing you this year! love the ties you made the boys, adorable!