The Birthday Day

Well, we had quite the fun day yesterday for James. To show you, this is a total photo overload post. We told him that he would get a Superman birthday party. I was going to do a little party with friends, but I decided against it. But I still wanted him to get Superman! The night before his birthday we put up some simple red and blue streamers (Gavin's were awesome but a bit labor intensive!) and blew up a bunch of balloons for them to play with. James was so excited when he saw the balloons.
For breakfast we had chocolate chip Mickey Mouse pancakes.
Then the boys snuggled up for a show. They look so cute on the couch!
 James was insisting on more Mickey Mouse pancakes for lunch... so I told him I'd make a Mickey Mouse cheese sandwich instead. He looooved it
Superman shirt!
 The cupcakes I made! Yes, a little ghetto- but it worked for Superman! James loved 'em
 I had all intentions of making delicious (Super)Hero Sandwiches- but I am lame and didn't realize I didn't have all the ingredients I needed. So we went to Red Robin instead for James' free meal.
 Gavin got a hold of the ranch...
 Mommy with baby Jack!
 After Red Robin we headed over to the mall across the street for one of James's birthday presents- Build-A-Bear!! Whenever we pass it, he wants to go in sooo bad and hold all the animals. He was so excited when he knew he was getting one. He had a hard time choosing the one he wanted so we took a break and he chose his bear's outfit. What did he choose? Woody from Toy Story- Woody is his fave from that movie.
Birthday name tag!
 Where's James??
We got home kinda late so had to bypass the cupcakes (so lame... at least he got his Red Robin sundae!). The boys hopped in the bath, came downstairs, opened presents, and then Skyped with Gramma and Papa Dell before going to bed. 
Tonight we were able to do the cupcakes and he did great at blowing the candles out. 
The fun has ended (though the balloons are still littering our floor... they need to go...) and the boys are staying busy with all their new toys. We're so happy we were able to have a fun and special day for James. One last time...
Happy Birthday, James!!


  1. We did the balloons and the pancakes too except for I am not as cool as you and they all had to suffer with boring circle pancakes haha! Looks like he had a fun day and I LOVE that he chose Woody. He's a favorite in our house too :) Happy birthday James!

  2. Judge me for this comment if up want but i'm glad the pictures of me don't look terrible. I was kinda worried. Also James should be a photographer, he's super good. And i'm sad I missed all the festive morning birthday stuff. And his birthday was a conglomerate of themes: Mickey, superman, and start wars, oh and toy story. WA chow!

  3. Happy Birthday Jamers! Sure wish we could have been there with you! Looks like he had a wonderful day!

  4. Ha!! So cute! I didn't know it was his third birthday...Happy b-day James! And looking at his new born pictures, he looks sooo much like Jack! WOW. I was thinking Jack looked more like Gavin, I was wrong.