A Slimy Guest

Here's a fun fact about myself: I hate bugs. All. Bugs. Ants? Yes. Bees? Yes. Butterflies? Very much yes. Ladybugs? Oh yeah. Hate 'em all. A while back (way, way back), I posted about an eight-legged "friend" who I found on my parent's rose bush. Well, this time, a few days ago, it was a discovery of this fellow:
A slug. A HUGE slug! Eeeeewwwww!! I definitely shrieked when I saw him. But I toughened up and took a picture on my phone (to send to my sister so she could watch out for him when she got off work) and my camera to put on here. A final shriek was given when cameras were put away and the nasty slugger stretched out, sensing me and hunting me down with his little antlers/antennae. *Shudder

Oh, and guess what? We came home from a small shopping trip last night only to find him on our front porch again. Please move somewhere else, disgusting slug. I don't like you.


  1. Thanks for the warning. Glad I haven't meet him myself

  2. mmmm one thing i don't miss about the northwest. slugs. salt will definitely take care of your slimy neighbor. they don't really like it. plus i think you can get slug repellent at the store.

  3. Whew, gotta watch out for those vicious slugs.

  4. SALT!!!!!!!!!!!!! (they'll explode).

    I do NOT miss slugs. However, we have our fair share of WORSE disgusting creatures here in Florida. aka. cockroaches.