Arachnaphobia anyone?

I know I've been posting a lot lately, but this is worth a post. I LOATHE spiders. They are disgusting and nasty and the epitome of creepy-crawly.

My parents have four rose bushes and I have been deemed the keeper of the roses. They have been growing a little out of control so I had to clip them down. I finished with one and only encountered one itty bitty jumping spider that I had no trouble throwing in the garbage can and not caring if it lived. I then moved onto the BIGGEST bush, which is yellow roses FYI. I saw another jumping spider on a dead rose and clipped it off so I could get rid of him. Well, the rose didn't fall because it was in a little web. I went to grab the rose and I looked up and there was A TWO INCH SPIDER ON THE WEB. TWO..... INCHES. Two inches. Ya get it yet? Two inches. I showed it to Brad and my mom and took pictures because I thought it would be dead in a little while. Brad told me he was going to kill it and I went inside to await the diagnosis once the deed was done. He comes in and IT'S NOT DEAD. He couldn't kill the freaking spider!!!! He took it to a tree to make more spiders and HAUNT ME!! I kept feeling like I had spiders all over me, and in my hair. It was gross. I wouldn't go out in the backyard for a while to make sure it wasn't dancing around or anything. I will now go in the backyard, but not near that tree. So here are some pictures. Oh, one more thing. Brad, being a Westmoreland boy, threw a rolly-polly into the spider web so we could watch the spider take care of its prey. I wasn't very happy about it- I don't like bugs, but you don't need to TORTURE them. But then it was actually cool watching it...


  1. okay, that spider was nasty huge. i'm glad i wasn't there to witness it or i would have freaked and made mom call the pest control people...again. well i hope it is dead...hahahahaha

  2. Well better a spider outside than I nasty mouse on the inside of your house! (The peanut butter trap finally caught the dirty bugger this morning after two days of no sign of him, ick! I never actually saw him as Lance was the one who discovered him and discovered him in the trap. It was my first experience ever with a mouse in the house and I'd be perfectly content if it was the last!)