Brad and I have never really decorated our apartments. We had decided this time around, we were going to do it: we wanted to make it our home.
We've been slowly adding things to 'spice' up our home. One of the things we added a few months ago was a quote on our front room wall: "All because two people fell in love..." Brad got it for me for Mother's Day, which was two days after we found out I was pregnant. It has always looked all alone on our wall, so we decided to add pictures. We have hardly any pictures of us in our home- and we still have NO wedding pictures up yet (that is my next task). So about two months ago I got some picture frames and just yesterday did I finally order and get pictures for the frames. Now they are up!
But let me tell you... it was no easy task. These frames did not want to stay on the wall. It took me a good half hour at least to put up these six frames and having ALL of them stay put. Then I go into our study to get some homework done... about an hour later I hear this crashing-clattering noise on the other side of the wall. This is what I found:Only one had stayed on! I was exasperated. But I figured since they wanted to be down, they would be down for a while. I cut some ribbon to put behind the pictures, put it on the wall, then put the frames back up. They were much more cooperative this time- well, most of them. Our front room now looks more homey and I love it!
We have a few more things on our checklist for decorating our apartment (like the wedding photos), but I'm glad we have actually made headway with some things. Oh, and these photos are from when we went to Pacifica last year. We're hoping to get some maternity-couple photos done this year.


  1. That looks really cool. I just put some viynal lettering on my wall too. I have a catalog I will have to let you look at it. Don't feel bad we just got pictures in frames of our wedding and we have been married almost 2 years. lol

  2. cute! LOVE IT! THe ribbon looks really good, very unique!

  3. LOL! (After seeing that they fell down, so funny!) Glad nothing was harmed in the process. It looks way cute! You have great taste when it comes to decorating... must be in your genetic makeup! ;-)

  4. it looks GREAT!!!!! I love "tatouage"...I have several throughout my house as well. Fun!! How are you going to decorate baby's room? ;)

  5. My neighbor takes awesome pictures and will be taking our family picture soon. So if you need someone to take your pictures I can hook you up :)Just let me know