To Celebrate

Since Brad and I are both going to school full-time and we are both working, we hardly did anything on our anniversary. Brad was able to get off an hour early that night due to him having to work on Saturday. For dinner, we had Monte Cristos (delish!) and Brad made them for us- so nice! We also went out to get $1 ice cream for dessert. Then we came home and did homework. Exciting, I know.
We decided we were going to celebrate this last Saturday, even though Brad was working till 4pm. We had to do something! He called me around 1:30 to let me know he was on break and he was going to try to come home a half hour early. 5 minutes later, someone was unlocking our front door- of course, it was Brad. He surprised me and got off early! We quickly set off to Idaho Falls to do some errands and grocery shopping.
For dinner, we tried a new place (well, new to us). It's a restaurant in Rexburg called Hard Hat Steakhouse. So good! They have scones they give you with every meal- superb. I won't tell you how many I ate...
We don't normally order dessert when we go out, but since it was celebrating our anniversary we decided to splurge a little. Soooo glad we did:
We ate almost all of it- I know, we're piglets.
That day there had been some rain and a lot of clouds- it was so beautiful. I had wanted to walk around the temple anyways, so we headed there next. The temple lit up against the stormy skies was amazing. We now want to go walking around during the day to get better pictures of the grounds.
For my gift, Brad surprised me by finding this:
Around here, these are hard to find. He already knew what he was getting from me because the third book of the Inheritance series came out on Saturday so we had already gotten him that:
Sunday was him mostly like this:
It was nice finally having time with Brad- actually going on a date, being just the two of us for most of the day. I know our days like this are numbered...


  1. We also celebrated our anniversary at the Hard Hat and I think we even had the same dessert. Yummy!

  2. I love the pics of the temple! And your dinner looked yummy! Maybe we will have to visit Hard Hat in January! Glad you got to celebrate at all!

  3. What a fun day! You'll have to tell me what Monte Cristos are and send me the recipe because I have no idea. :) hope you're feeling well!

  4. UH SO SO TRUE! Take advantage of the ease of doing stuff like that. It's def. still possible after the peanut comes, just a little more planning involved. Trips with just the two of you are always so worth it huh? I'm planning something special for Jeff for his b-day (he doesn't know it yet though) and I'm SO EXCITED!! (I think I like the surprise more than he will, b/c I just LOVE SURPRISES!!!)

  5. jason got me one of those willow carvings! not the expectant mothers one, but one that read "hold dear the promise of love" for our first christmas together. he did it all by himself too! i love it when our guys surprise us. :)

  6. hahah we went there last night for dinner and I won't tell you how many I ate though either. (if you tell me I will tell you! hahah) well I am glad that I found your blog! Here is the address to our blog! :) :)