California Lovin'

Brad and I were able to make one last trip out to California before our Fall semester started and also our last one before the baby comes. We split the trip out (and the trip back) into two days and I am so grateful we did! My back, ribs, and abdomen hurt by the time each leg ended.
Okay, so Brad and I thought this was totally hilarious. Our stop in the middle of the trip was the Comfort Inn in Elko. It actually was pretty nice and comfy. But the first night we got there, Brad discovered a little "trick" of their's. The headboards are actually like half of a real headboard. And then just nailed to the wall! We couldn't believe it, it was so funny! Look how it's cut! Maybe it's just us, but I had to take pictures of it.
We got to California on the last Thursday of August... and the weather gave us a nice welcome! 103 degrees! Oh yes! I had to go lie down and let my body cool down because the last hour or two of the drive I got to sit in the sun. The hot weather lasted our whole trip and I have been informed since we've left they have enjoyed nice 80-90 degree weather. Oh well- got good use out of my maternity shorts!
Our 'big trip' of the trip was supposed to be going to Monterey. I love going there and it has been sometime since Brad and I have gone. Well, we found out the day before our outing that there was to be a Champions Golf Tournament at Pebble Beach, which is on 17 Mile Drive. We always go in that area when we visit so we just cancelled our day trip. I'm not big on big crowds and I know there would be. And it's not like we don't go out there and can't try again! Instead we went to Pleasanton and I was able to find maternity clothes finally. So not a total loss :)
Since we're both from the same area (seriously grew up 15 minutes away from each other) we get to visit both of our families in one trip. Brad's parents live out in the country and have acreage, horses, a barn, etc. It's so much fun! I love to be outside there. These are some of my father-in-law, Jim's, horses and also some of the ones who board there. The horses were all kind of scattered so this was the best I could get.This is the colt that was born a year ago! When I took the top picture Brad asked me if I was taking a picture of the colt. I was like, What colt? I didn't recognize him, he grew so much! Brad and Ella, our first cat. She loves living out in the country and loves Jim- follows him everywhere. We're so glad she is happy living outside instead of in our first tiny apartment. She is such a character- I swear she's bipolar. But she really is such a sweet cat. Here is Pepper, Jim's border collie. She looks really sad in this picture because Jim and Brad had just given her a bath and she is scared of the hose. I love playing with her- seriously is one of my favorite things to do over there. She reminds me a lot of my old dog, Leia, and I miss having a dog. Not enough to get one, but someday. But before we came Pepper had another litter of puppies. There were 5 the first night we saw them, then in a few days there was only one left!
And here he is! He was such a sweetie! He loved to cuddle and play. I think Brad's older brother is going to take him. I wish we could have one...
Since we weren't coming back to California till who-knows-when-after-the-baby, my good friend Erika (plus my mom) threw me a baby shower- actually the first baby shower I have ever been to! I even got to help, which made me feel good. I was really nervous for it... but it wasn't bad at all. I think it was totally different from my bridal shower because the gifts weren't just for "Brad and Amy", but for our baby.
The theme was baby blue and brown. It turned out so beautiful! We had it in my parent's backyard. My dad, Brad, and Anthony (Erika's husband) worked so hard to get more of it completed before the shower. My dad designated himself (thank you very much) as the shower photographer. He caught me a little off guard with the above one, so my smile is a bit fake. There was sooo much good food! Perfect for a pregnant girl who seems to have an endless pit these days. I'm so glad we had it in the evening because it was originally scheduled for Saturday morning. But in the evening it was cooler... not much cooler, but still- I'll take anything!This is the baby's bedding. I'm so in love with it! We're going to do a Classic Pooh theme... I didn't really think we'd get a lot or want to buy a lot of it so I was kind of lazy in my thinking of having the baby's room all done in it. Yeah, we got so many cool things with Classic Pooh that we are totally going to do our second bedroom over for the baby! As much as we can, of course. And that picture in the front... yeah, Erika drew it. She's so talented.So here is a way to tell you how wonderfully emotional I am- my mom and I had to go pick up the cake from Costco since Erika was crazy busy. We pulled it out of the cake fridge, I look at it, thought it was adorable, and start tearing up! Yes, I basically cried for a baby cake. It just really hit me that we're having a boy, he's really coming... I don't know why a cake made me realize it, but it did.The day after the shower was a pretty hectic day. While we were in California, someone in the ward passed away. It was pretty sudden, and the memorial service for him was held that Saturday. We were able to go to that. Brad actually sang "How Great Thou Art" with 7 other brethren. It was so moving and beautiful- I think that is what made me cry the most. Especially when I could pick his voice out. Afterwards, we were able to go baby shopping and actually buy our first things for the baby. Then I came home and had to organize everything we got. It was driving me insane! So this is me in the middle of the mess. That Sunday we left after church. This is me with my parents. I'm so grateful for everything they do for Brad and I, and now for our baby. Since my mom knew how hungry I am all the time, she bought me all these snacks for me so I wouldn't go hungry. Thank you! I ate a lot of them... and my dad was even more protective and watching out for me. So sweet.Here is me and my tummy at 22 weeks. I grew a lot the 10 days I was there. Well, I feel like I grew a lot.One of the things I am going to miss out on not going home in the winter is the oranges. My parents have this orange tree and they are the juiciest oranges! It's hard to go back to store bought oranges after these! And they smell divine... the blossoms, the growing oranges, the actual edible oranges... everything. This is about how far they are. Even as these little green things, they still smelt so wonderful!
We got home this past Monday, just in time to miss our first day of school and go the next day. I think it's so funny how you always feel like you need a vacation from your vacation. But I guess going right into school and work doesn't really help you feel relaxed, either. Oh, plus I have been sick with a nasty cold this week. I am barely getting my voice back today. Let's hope it stays so I can go back to work!


  1. Fun pictures, you look great and I can tell you're bigger. I'm glad you had a good vacation and baby shower.

  2. Look at that little pooch you're getting. To use your phrase, how cute! :)

  3. I'm glad you split the trip. I thought I was going to die when we visited last year. The baby shower looked like tons of fun and I wish we could have been there. If you need any help organizing, let me know!

  4. Just wanted to wish you guys a happy anniversary while I'm thinking about it. :) Hope you guys can do something fun in a couple days!

  5. Yay! I found your blog through another ward members! I've been meaning to ask you about it! I love the pictures and think your baby shower was amazing!! you are a lucky girl!! It looks like your trip was so much fun too! Thanks so much for letting me come print some stuff off the other night! That helped so much. I hope you are feeling better. We need to get together soon! Let me know if you ever need anything...I live rather close!

  6. FUN!!!!!!!!

    (and you look cute, as always.)

  7. There should have been another surprise waiting for you at your apartment. Let me know if you got it!