Puppy Love

Pepper is my father-in-law's dog. She is a pure bred border collie and I love her! She reminds me a lot of my old dog, Leia, who died like a week after my parents moved back to California. Anyhow, she is 4 1/2 years old and she had her first litter of puppies two weeks ago!! They are so freaking cute. My in-laws went on a cruise with their daughter and her family so we were in charge of watching the puppies and their house one night while they were gone. I didn't want to leave them!
They started opening their eyes for the first time yesterday and today I saw a few of them trying very hard to get up on their tiny little legs. There were 7 puppies but unfortunately, the runt passed away. I'm not very happy about it, but I'll keep my opinion to myself in case someone from their family actually reads this. :) Now there are 6 pups left (hopefully they'll live now that they are older)- 2 females and 4 males. Luckily Pepper had two liver colored pups which aren't as common as her black and white color. Their papa is an Australian Shepherd who I think is just the sweetest dog ever. He's pure black! He and his owner were up at Clark's Fork with us at our family reunion and I spent a good deal of time petting the dogs. I just love animals.
I tried to take some pictures of the puppies, but there really isn't anything to "capture" yet on film. They just sleep and eat and make cute noises. I would love it if someday Brad and I were able to take care of puppies and sell them. It's something I am definitely interested in. Here are a few pictures and you better enjoy their cuteness!

All six pups in their box- Pepper's head is on the right

One of the girl puppies on Brad.

This is the seven of them, when they were a few days old

Perfect picture for an "Aaaawwww"


  1. I love any baby animals. These puppies are so cute and sweet. I wish that kittens and puppies could stay little forever. I also like the look of your blog. I love brown and baby blue.

  2. Knowing you so well Amy, I have a hard time believing that if you guys someday took care of puppies that you'd actually be able to sell them! You'd get way to attached to cute little them! :)If you actually did sell them, the people would have to go through an extensive background check with social security numbers and home checks, etc so you could make sure they'd provide a good home for the puppies! i love you amys!

  3. i need to visit the puppy clan soon. neil was there when the runt died. how sad. hope you guys are doing well!