Music Shout Out

Okay, this one is mainly due to the fact that I was "supposed" to go to their concert last week. Then Brad got put on the swing shift this month at the temple, so he doesn't get off work until 1am and get home at 2am Tuesday-Fridays. Therefore, I missed this concert and I wasn't about to go by myself. It was for Dashboard Confessional.
I love Dashboard Confessional. You do not have to worry about swear words, the lyrics actually MEAN something, and Chris Carrabba is super good-looking (in my opinion). I may have heard "Screaming Infidelities" first, but the first song that I actually listened to over and over was "Brilliant Dance". This song made me go out and buy "The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most". I was hooked. Dashboard is easily in my top five, if not three, favorite bands. "A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar" is also a great GREAT album. "Hands Down"- who cannot love that song? Spiderman soundtrack was graced with "Vindicated", which is tied with "Hands Down" in my book of wonderful songs.
To me, everyone should own SOME Dashboard songs- if you don't want the albums, you gotta have some songs burned on a disc! You will love them, trust me.
I am trying to pick out what music video I want on here... too many to pick from! I picked "Stolen" because the video is cool and Chris looks great. But I might change it... or add one. We'll see. Enjoy!


  1. Hands Down. They are the greatest. I Love them so much too. That sucks that you missed them. If they are touring next year when i come home lets go. The last concert of theirs that I went to was four years ago. Way to long ago.

  2. well you know how i feel about the whole dashboard issue. yes he's hot, and i must say you chose one of my favorite songs for the post. i will be playing this one over and over. love it. sorry you missed the concert, that would've been so awesome!