Mitt Romney Article

As one of my "friends" on myspace.com I have LDS News because I like to be updated on church events, articles, etc. I signed on just a minute ago and found this lovely article about Mitt Romney. Now, I have been going back and forth, back and forth on who I wanted to vote for in the election. I did not want my religion to dictate who I voted for- is it really time for a member of the Church to be in the White House, as the President? I have finally come to the conclusion that I am voting for Romney. Not because he belongs to the same religion as I do, but because I know he is a good man and will lead our country in the right direction. My mom is a huge Glenn Beck fan and always tells me things she has heard him say. Now this is just me quoting him through my mom, so don't take it for exact words! Basicly, my mom said that Beck said he supported Romney because he wants to know that the leader of our country gets down on his knees every night and speaks to our Heavenly Father. Great, huh. Love that insight. Without further ado, I am copying the article from LDS News via myspace that a non-member wrote about Mitt Romney.
By David Shurtleff (Not a Mormon)
Heliumites, bloggers, Political Scientists.....lend me your eyes. I come to criticize Mitt Romney. The evil that men do is highlighted by the media. The good is often buried under labels......so let it be with Romney.
The Media has touted that Romney is a Mormon, if it is so, it is a grievous thing and may cost him the election.
When the scandal laden Olympics was embarrassing our nation, Ronmey stepped in and turned it into a showcase-Yet Romney is a MORMON, and surely a MORMON cannot be President.
Romney won the governorship of Massachusetts as a REPUBLICAN, yes, in a state that gives us Sen. Kennedy. He showed the ability to work with all people, of all political backgrounds-Yet Romney is a MORMON and surely a MORMON cannot be President.
Romney saved a state government facing fiscal disaster, bringing economic expansion and staving off unemployment, something this nation could use - Yet Romney is a MORMON, and surely a MORMON cannot be President.
Unlike many politicians, Romney has remained faithful to his wedding vows, keeping his commitments to his wife and blessing his children - Yet Romney is a MORMON, and surely a MORMON cannot be President.
The twelfth article of Romney's faith, one which he no doubt memorized as a child, affirms that it is his duty to honor, obey and sustain the law - Yet Romney is a MORMON, and surely a MORMON cannot be President.
Romney's faith group is recognized and respected by governments throughout the world, it was so respected that it was miraculously allowed to build a temple in communist East Germany before the wall came down - Yet Romney is a MORMON, and surely a MORMON cannot be President.
Romney's church teaches that the constitution is a divinely inspired document and that this nation was established by the God of Heaven. Such respect for our nation and its founding document can make just another politician into a statesman - Yet Romney is a MORMON, and surely a MORMON cannot be President.
Romney's religious organization teaches love and compassion for all human beings and provides millions of dollars in aid to many countries. It also sent thousands of volunteers to aid Katrina victims in our own country. That aid is given freely, without regard to the religious preference of the recipients - Yet Romney is a MORMON, and surely a MORMON cannot be President.
Wait a minute. What is it about being Mormon that disqualifies Mitt Romney from being an effective president? It is true that there may be theological differences that exist between Romney and others, but he is not running for Bishop, Rabbi, Pope, Minister, Imam, or Pastor. He is running for President.
****ADDITION: I just received an anonymous comment to direct people to a South Park episode about Mormons. It said that it will tell you everything you need to know about Mormons. I am not allowing that comment because this post was not intended for people to say, Yes, I believe- I'm Mormon! Or, No Mormons are crazy. All this was intended to do was to show that I support Mitt Romney, regardless of his religion. This was not an open invitation to attack my religion. I am not one to usually talk politics because I feel it truly brings out the worst in people. But I thought, Hey maybe I will this time. It is sad that people cannot have a difference of opinions and beliefs. That we let it become between us as people. I am a Republican. I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I know it is true. But they are two separate things. I do not think it is okay to attack ANYONE's religion or beliefs. Who would really want their religion to be "told" by an episode of South Park? How accurate is that? If you really want to know anything about the Mormon church, ask a member. Ask a missionary. Please do not seek outside sources that are tainted. With everything else in life, isn't it best to go to the original source?