Pacifica, CA photographs

Brad and I FINALLY got some couple pictures together! The last time we got our picture taken by a photographer was our wedding. Three years... geez, talk about procrastination.
I've been wanting to do this forever and I was going to have my former roomate take pictures in Utah last year, but due to me getting sick that didn't happen. Then we came home and I looked disgusting due to the weight loss. Call me weird or normal, but I thought I would want to look a bit healthier before we got our pictures taken. The pictures are not very normal because I didn't want to be realy "posey" (not a real word, I'm sure), but I did want to not care how affectionate we were.
We did decide that we were going to have our pictures taken in two different locations- one was the ocean, next up is the foothills. Silly reason, but I want my hair straight in some photos and that just CANNOT happen when I go to the beach... so these are pictures with my hair curly! We got our good friend, Christina Brooksby, to take these ones. She also took our wedding pictures and she is a great photographer.
I did some research for beaches because I didn't want to go to a super busy beach where we wouldn't be able to get just us in the pictures. I decided on Pacifica, CA, and am really happy I did. Although, I wasn't so sure when we got there because the waves were HUGE!! At least 7-8 feet high and completely dangerous. They were crashing over the sea walls and they had to close their pier off... which I wasn't happy about because I wanted a picture on it. Oh well. :) So here are a few of our pictures in Pacifica. They haven't been altered yet, so I'll get more up later when they are all more finished. This is just a slight preview.


  1. Hey cute pictures! Are you taller then Brad?

  2. I love the one of you two on the beach with the water in the backround. Very cute

  3. these turned out great. i'm glad you were able to get your photos taken. the beach is perfect.