Conference Weekend

In more ways than one, I really needed this last weekend to be General Conference weekend! Given reason, gotta love hearing our Prophet speak and the apostles and General Authority. What a wonderful opportunity we have to be able to listen to them speak. Next, this weekend gave Brad and I the opportunity to finally spend more than a few hours together! It was so nice- we totally got spoiled. From now on, though, we'll have a bit more time together because he was able to shorten his hours and I am no longer working. Thank heavens! This weekend also gave me plenty of time to cook! I have been pretty burnt out with school and haven't been cooking as much as I'd like to be, so I made up for it this weekend.
First course was breakfast Saturday morning: aebleskivers! Aebleskivers are round, Danish pancakes which usually have shredded apples (or other fruit) in the center. We were given fresh apples by our friends the Marshalls, so the first thing I thought of was to make this.
Obviously to get the roundness, you need a special pan. So I whipped out my pan I got at my bridal shower that I have never used (thanks mom! took me four years, but I've used it now!). The pans are made of cast iron so before you use it you have to season it with oil. I did thus and prepared the batter. Brad actually helped me make them too! I was really excited- he was in charge of shredding the apples and getting them tasty. Unfortunately I forgot how hot cast iron can get and stay hot... so my first batch turned out like this:When they should look more like this:Needless to say, we did not eat the first batch. Nor did we need to because we had a TON of aebleskivers when we were through cooking them all. This is just a few batches of them:
After cooking them all I was finally able to eat! They are great with powdered sugar on them:
Second course was dinner on Saturday. I decided to make something I've been meaning to make, but haven't. I made Mediterranean Pizza! So freaking good and so easy. I ate a few slices while Brad was at the Priesthood session, then waited for him to get home to eat some more. I have now started to out-eat Brad... oh well. At least I have a good reason to be eating so much!
I didn't take pictures of the other things I made, but it sure was a tasty weekend. I made Rice Krispie treats, which are way too addicting. We ate half of the pan in like 30 minutes (though I ate most of that half!). Probably the best part of cooking this weekend was that Brad was in there with me for most of it. Cooking with him just made it so special.


  1. I think everyone is grateful for conference in the sense that you can watch it in your P.J.s
    Also those balls of yummy breakfast look so good. In Japan they put Octopus in them. So gross, but yours look way good.

  2. Wow, that food looks sooooo yummy!! I'll have to get some recipes. :)

  3. OH MY GOSH! I totally grew up eating abelskievers (you spelled it right, I didn't!) and they are SO GOOD!! Uh, it makes me want to go to my mom's to make some!!!! YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMY!

    We put homemade strawberry jam on top with powdered sugar on sprinkled on them...mmmmmmm, heaven!

    HOW FUN!

  4. Oh my goodness! I should not have looked at your blog right before lunch. It made me soooo hungry for pizza or something. It looks like quite a meal. I know what you mean about being able to spend time together. We might be at home at the same time, but we are both doing homework so we don't really get to talk. lol. It will be over before we know it so we (as in Clint and I, I am not telling you to enjoy your life lol) should enjoy it now. :) :)

  5. Great weekend! You were spiritually and physically nourished! And to top it off you got to spend the entire weekend together! Yay for Amy and Brad! (and James!)

  6. Yum, Aebleskivers. My mother-in-law grew up in Denmark while her parents served a long mission there, and my husband's grandparents were born and raised in Denmark. So we eat aebelskivers a lot. YUM!!! :)

    Your post made me hungry. No fair!

  7. Brad and Amy, The Walker's would love to be bloggin cuzzins with you!! Email us, so we can invite you! cw_kunic@yahoo.com
    You guys look like you are having fun in Idaho!! Congrats on the little one!!

  8. now i want to make rice krispie treats!