2007 Recap

This is 2-0-0-8 if you didn't get it.
Happy New Year everyone! I hope some of you got a nice smack on the lips at midnight! I cannot believe it is 2008... yet here it is, and I hope to take it by storm! To kickstart the year, last night Brad and I made a (small) list of what we accomplished, events, etc. of the last year. We did not quite fill a page, but I think it is a fun tradition to start together. Here is most of our 2007 recap list!
- Brad started work for the Oakland Temple as an assistant engineer
- Amy was called to Activities Committee, and a few months ago into Primary over the CTR 8 class
- Brad was called to the Young Men's and teaches the Priests every Sunday
- Amy went to Disneyland with mom and sister, Rachel. Sooo much fun! Missed Brad, though
- We celebrated our third year wedding anniversary by spending the day in Sacramento
- Inevitable happened- Amy turned 23, month later Brad turned 26
- Amy recovered from mystery illness
- Amy gained 11 pounds! Yay!
- Brad took 2 BYU online courses
- We took a one-night vacation to San Francisco and saw a lot of the city- though parts of the stay was quite a headache
- Amy was able to learn to lessen stress and anxiety and has been much happier, though still far from perfect
- We were able to go to Clarks Fork for a Westmoreland family reunion. Brought lots of Girls Camp memories back for Amy
- We went to Half Moon Bay with the Dell family
- We went to Apple Hill with Amy's parents. Loved it!
- Brad finally got glasses. Amy loves seeing him wear them
- Though Amy has been wearing glasses since the 4th grade, she finally found a pair of glasses that she likes to wear!
- We both recently got new cell phones (hey, we needed to make this list longer!)
- Amy and Rachel painted the Dell's front room and kitchen over the summer. Muchos fun
- Brad then helped Amy tackle their bedroom- it had been a yellow room that Amy picked out when she was 19. We painted it a calm blue with a brown strip near the ceiling
- Brad picked up golfing and is loving it- he's actually not bad!
- Amy got a small, very part-time job
- We got our photos taken in Pacifica, CA, by our dear friend, Christina Brooksby. LOVE the pics!
- Amy picked up scrapbooking and "finished" her first one just in time to give it to her sister for Christmas
- We would like to say that Brad's hand/arm injury fully recovered, or just improved, but sadly it did not. However things have started rolling towards a permanent disability settlement

I think that is almost everything!! Well, I think 2007 treated us pretty well, and I hope that 2008 is even better! We need it! I am so excited to start this new year that I have actually made some new year resolutions. I think trying to remember things is one of them because I cannot remember them all- I really should get in the habit of writing down anything that might be a good idea for me to work on! Anyhow, so here are some general personal goals of mine for this year. Let's hope they stick!

2008 Amy Goals:
- remember each member of my family and Brad's family's birthday. I'm really bad at this
- use my planner more so I stop forgetting things so easily...
- be my old self more. I tend to take things too seriously these days (especially when it comes to my poor husband). I need to lighten up and be more of my go-lucky, loving-life-and-everything-else self!
- have personal scripture study more and family scripture study

Maybe I'll post something in the later months of how I'm actually doing! Again, I'm super excited to start this new year and get things going with Brad and I. This year has so much potential and I just want to seize each and every opportunity that comes our way! Happy New Year! Make every moment count!
I present one of the first pictures of 2008 in this house! It would of been with Brad, but he's out golfing with my dad. So this sufficed just fine- I love having more pictures of me and Rach together!


  1. I am glad you clarified that picture. I thought you were just a bunch of crazy white girls trying to throw up some gangster signs.

  2. I love New Years...especially a fresh new start! Good luck with all your goals, your room paint sounds cute!