Sacramento Trip

The day after our anniversary Brad and I got to actually CELEBRATE it. We decided to take a small one-hour road trip to our state capitol- Sacramento, CA. I had so much fun!!
First on our agenda was a trip to the Downtown Plaza mall. Yes, it is just a mall but it is a mall I have never been to in Sacramento and it's an outside mall. I held myself back and made no purchases, but it was nice to see this tucked away mall in the downtown area. We ate at this little 50's diner called Johnny Rocket's. Super good burgers!
Next up we went to the Crocker Art Museum in the downtown area. I had never heard of this place, so this was a pleasant little discovery I made the night before we left. I read some really good reviews and figured it was a good way to spend our time. The museum is in this HUGE mansion and just being in that alone was great! It just so happened that their feature exhibit was Grandma Moses. It was really neat seeing her work in person- she has a very different sort of style. I wasn't allowed to take any pictures in person, due to the fact that it was a traveling exhibit.
The bottom floor was some really neat Asian art... honestly, though, I'm way more into European art so I enjoyed the Asian art, it just wasn't my favorite.
To get to the third floor we had to go back up to the main floor and pass through this GRAND ballroom. Brad and I both pictured people in their exquisite ball gowns waltzing- oh to live in those times! Anyhow, we then went to the third floor where they had a room of California art and outside that room was a wraparound hallway of European art. Loved it!! Brad's favorite part was the Californian art. Not all of the pictures were of California, so I'm guessing that the artists painted the art in California... I dunno. I thought there really only was about a wall of California artwork, with like Half Dome and Lake Tahoe.
The European art was amazing. I would have liked to spent more time there, but my feet and back were really achy so I enjoyed it as much I could. My favorite painting was a half-nude picture, but the symbolism was so awesome I just fell in love with it. This picture on the right is of Sleeping Beauty. I just think it is so well done. I love art! And history...
Then we went to the contemperary art room, which had one good piece of art. It's the picture on the right, underneath this paragraph. The artist got the inspiration from a photograph of his sickly father, who had battled an illness for a very long time. He uses this technique that is CRAZY cool... it totally makes the picture pop out at you. When you are there, you can see these orange and blue 'things' that make it look cosmic-like. Very neat. So that was way cool, but really I'm just NOT a contemporary art kinda gal. I don't get most of it. But put me in an Ancient art museum and I'll lap it up for hours!
After the museum we went to Old Sacramento, which I always love. Then we headed over to Michaelangelo's for dinner. SO GOOD. Anyone who lives in Sacramento, I totally recommend this restaraunt. Plan on spending about $20 per plate, but it is well worth it.
We were both really tired so we drove home after that. I didn't get any pictures of US all day, so I decided to make up for it in the car and took a bunch of goofy pictures. It was a very memorable day and I loved it.

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  1. sounds like a fun trip. i've been meaning to go the museum, i just have to talk neil into it first.