Thanks to everyone who wished Brad and I a happy anniversary- we really appreciated it. He came home from work on Tuesday with a bouquet of stargazer lillies with another flower I can't remember the name of. So beautiful!
We celebrated our anniversary by spending most of the day in Sacramento doing fun things, but I'll write about that later. Today I dyed my hair. I was going to wait until my hair was a bit longer, but I changed my mind this last week. When I was putting together the wedding slideshow, I compared my hair now to that hair and it had gotten so brassy looking to me. Yuck. Now it is an ash color and I am a lot happier with it. Feels more natural- I just got sick of having so much red in my hair.


  1. The hair looks good Amers. It's not as drastic as usual, which is good. I love you lots :)

  2. Not absolutely sure from the picture of you flowers but I think they may be Alstroemeria Lillies. Anywho, like the hair too! loves ya!