For Time and All Eternity

On 09-18-04, I was married to the love of my life, Brad Westmoreland in the LDS Oakland Temple. It feels like it just happened yesterday, it is so vivid in my mind. I remember being nervous, not to get married but just that everything would go smoothly. I totally expected myself to cry during the ceremony, but I didn't. All I could do the whole time was smile. A random thing I do remember is that I kept telling myself, "Look at the sealer, don't look at Brad." over and over. It was wonderful to look at ourselves as husband and wife in the sealing room mirrors and see for eternity. I am so grateful that we were married in the temple and sealed for time and all eternity. Death cannot break our marriage and we will truly be together forever. I did make a bit of a blunder at the end of the ceremony... the sealer asked me what my last name was and I all too quickly replied, "Dell" like duh! Of course, everyone started laughing because it wasn't Dell anymore. It was a lot more funny there, I don't think I told that story very well. :) Then we got to hug our parents, and I lost it when I saw my dad crying. It always touches me when he cries, because I'm his little girl and now I'm Brad's girl. The day was great and marvelous. I truly treasure the memories of our wedding.
Marriage isn't easy. It has been really difficult for Brad and I to get this far. I am so grateful to him for always being there for me and putting up with all of my idiosyncrasies.
To My Husband-
I am so happy to be celebrating this landmark with you. It has taken us both a lot of work to get here, and I look forward to the MANY years that lie ahead of us. I love you and you mean the world to me. I couldn't of asked for a better man to be in my life- Happy Anniversary, Brad.


  1. Happy Anniversary! I'm loving this whole blog thing, it makes it so easy to keep in touch with people. We're going to the Giants game Thurs. night if you guys want to join us!!

  2. SO CUTE! love the new blog look. and the title, perfect. this is so sweet. happy anniversary!!!!

  3. Wow- I never got to see your wedding photos. Awesome and happy aniversary. Three years goes by fast. I love the look of you blog it is way cute. Also I had a great name for your blog, but I can't remember it anymore. I will let you know when I think of it. Also your new title reminds me of the first words out of Lane's mounth when we first met. He told me he was a hopeless romantic. Funny. Take care.