There are wild chickens everywhere here. We told the boys about them before we moved, but seeing is so much more than what they expected. After a short while, Gavin started counting how many chickens, chicks, and roosters he was spotting. James also started. Jack was content and not paying attention. James "stopped" at about 35. Meaning, he got lost in his little world while staring out the window or talking to someone. Gavin got 100 within a few days of being here. 

Seeing how high his brother was getting, James picked up his counting again. This time lasted a little bit longer... he did get up to about 172 (I think that was the final number?). That was about us being here about two weeks. Gavin kept counting. Jack tried to pick it up but really couldn't find them quick enough to bother about it too much. Gavin kept vigilantly counting. He finally stopped about a week and a half ago (maybe two weeks?). His final count? 1200. For being here 2-3 weeks, that was his final number. Can you tell who our dreamers are vs our focused and determined? That is not to say anything bad about either trait. It is part of what makes them them and I love their uniqueness and ability to be close regardless of their differences. 

Now I need to take a picture of some wild chickens to complete this post...

These two were holding hands and being total goofballs while we tried to navigate the new grocery store. Totally helpful... or not. But dang cute.

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