Cut Off

I get it now. I really, really get it. I get why Alaska and Hawaii (and let's add in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands) can be a little ticked off by feeling so cut off from most companies. Our prices here are much higher due to shipping it here. I get that too. But to not offer shipping to parts of America?? Really? Companies, you do know that we are still a part of the postal service... right? That you can still offer shipping to us. Alas, many do not get it. 

There are three types of companies-

1- No way we are shipping to you outlanders. Target, I'm giving you the side-eye. Traitor. You as well, "World" Market. Disappointed.

2- Yeah, we'll ship to you! Just give us your youngest child in exchange... ok, I jest. But really. Take Amazon for example. Wonderful Amazon. To ship here, it's $10 + .59/lb. Really?? Is that necessary? Costco only ships here for certain items, plus higher shipping. Hobby Lobby negates all free shipping specials AND the more you pay in product, the more you'll pay in shipping. It gets pretty ridiculous. Let's add in WalMart, who used to ship here for free up until a few weeks ago. Ouch. There goes pantry shopping. Now shipping costs almost as much as what you are buying. We really can't work out a flat rate shipping, guys?

3- Heck yes  you can shop here. AND we'll even let you take advantage of our shipping deals. I love these people for throwing us a bone. Old Navy-Gap-BR, you guys rock. H&M, you are amazing. Joann, I'm coming for you (just getting my order ready). THANK YOU for making it possible for us to shop and benefit from you guys. There are other companies that do (west elm!), but I have not shopped there yet. 

We knew coming here that it would be more difficult to shop. Not necessarily a bad thing. It can get frustrating to get necessities (and selection) for a decent price is all. I am a bargain hunter and I am still in sticker shock here. Luckily, we have come across some great finds within the three weeks of living here. For instance, we don't have a Costco but we do have what is called a Cost-U-Less. It's like a mini, semi-more expensive Costco for the Virgin Islands. I didn't pack my pots and pans (way too awkward and would take up too many boxes). KMart (which is the only big store here. cue crying face) was waaaay overpriced. I was looking for anyone to ship to here and was coming up blank. I decided to check out Cost-U-Less since I knew they had some kitchen items there. What do you know, but I find a 10-piece KitchenAid cookware set... for $60! Um, heck yes! Getting our couch, we know we got an amazing deal. And some other things. We've also paid way too much for stuff, but that is how it goes here. I'll just be extra grateful for the deals I can find since they are few and far between :)

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