Our Family Has Landed


We're here!!

Chenay Bay (below)
Took us long enough. 

Sort of lots to catch up on. The thing is, I want to take it slow. Not do massive posts like I normally do. Why not do a little snippet every day and relish in the moments they were? My goal is to dedicate a small portion of my day to writing about our family, our life, our experiences, and whatever else. I caught up a bit on a popular blog yesterday, where she writes daily, and it made me realize how much I look up this particular blogger. Why? She writes every day to share the love she has for her life and family. How great is that? Maybe she or others don't see it that way, but that is I saw it while I was reading. So, that will be my goal. To put a slice of our life on here every day to share my love and to be more grateful for the life we are living. Because it's pretty awesome. 

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