The BIG Move and Job

Oh yes, this is a HUUUGE move for us. It is involving a cross-country drive by Brad, cargo ships, selling most of our belongings, getting a storage unit, spending over a month away from each other, packing up shipping pallets here in Eugene, a drive to California, and looong flights. Where are we headed??

:::::::::::::::::: DRUM-ROLL ::::::::::::::::::::

:::::::::::::::::::: AND MORE DRUMS ::::::::::::::::::::

:::::::::::::::::::: MAYBE A TRUMPET ::::::::::::::::::::

We will be moving to ST CROIX, US VIRGIN ISLANDS!! 
For reals, no jokes here. This is a very very bittersweet move for us. The Pacific Northwest/Oregon has absolutely captured our hearts and I am heartbroken that we are leaving our dream. Buuuut we're headed to a (small) island in the Caribbean, so it's trading a dream for a paradise. Not too shabby. Brad and I were both rather surprised that we had hardly any interest from companies here in Oregon, and also Washington. As well as other places, but we really wanted to stay here. It was pretty frustrating. Actually, that sentence completely underplays just how frustrating it was... but you get the idea. During this whole ordeal, there were lots of prayers said with us just asking to please know whether to stay or go, according to where is best for our family, where Brad will enjoy his job, where we're needed, and where we'll be happy. Never in a million years would the USVI have crossed my mind. Never. Nor Brad's.
Some thoughts and what not about the move and new life we are starting-

- I am so sad to leave Eugene. To leave the boys' school, to not have Jack get the same kindergarten teacher as the other two boys (she's so amazing!). In fact, ALL their teachers have been so great and loved our boys, it hurts to leave them. 
- I am sad to leave all the friends we've made here. We came here over 6 1/2 years ago. We have never lived in one city for that long our whole marriage. Mind you, we've moved three times here and been in three different wards for our church... but the same city!! The people here are so awesome and unique. I'll miss so much!
- again, we're sad to leave the PNW in general. Brad is not happy he didn't get to climb more mountains, though he did try and got thwarted by the weather almost every time. Won't miss that! We love the easy and never-ending nature here. We have a whole Oregon Bucket list that we barely skimmed the surface of. Guess we'll have to come back one day to finish it ;)
- on the other hand, where we're headed ALSO has tons of nature to explore... it's a freaking island! Though it is a small island, I am sure we will be busy exploring the terrain and enjoying the waters.
- we are still not sure if we will be buying or renting. Since the USVI is a territory, things work differently there. If someone could just tell me where to move exactly, a whole bunch of stress will be solved. I hate this part...
- we are technically out of the hurricane territory. The last time there was major destruction was 1989. They have been affected by other hurricanes, but it's mostly the West End and part of the South Shore.
- we will be homeschooling! I am actually quite excited for this. Nervous, but excited. I've always wanted a reason to homeschool, and this is it! Apparently a lot of families there homeschool and so there is a great support system. Wish me luck... and give  me any and all tips and resources!
- Brad starts work in two weeks and we will be staying to try to finish the school year and sell our house. Sooo here until June for the rest of us? So sad. Longest we'll be away from each other and we're already hating it.
- Brad enjoyed meeting the people he will be working with and is looking forward to what the future holds. He is also already planning on getting a surfboard and using it often. The fish is ready to have constant beach access!
- the boys are SO SO SO SO SO excited. Almost every time it's raining (which is basically always right now and we are so. over. it), Gavin lets us know how much he wishes he was on the island.
- St. Croix is the largest of the three US Virgin Islands. They just reopened the ferry from St. Croix to St. Thomas so that'll be a trip in the future!
- There is an island off of St. Croix that is one of the top five snorkeling/scuba diving destinations in the world- Buck Island. Three different types of sea turtles lay their eggs there. It isn't often, but dolphins have been known to be seen (and swam with! holy freaking cow!). Humpback whales pass in the winter for their migration. I am so excited!!

There is just so much more to say, I might have to randomly pop on here and say some more. This has exceeded long-winded (sorry! but thanks for reading!). I am still deciding if I want to start a separate blog or just keep our adventures on here... decisions, decisions. ALSO, please visit! We don't care how much you know us, or when the last time we talked to one another... come visit! We'd love to show you around (once we see some of it ourselves) and have friends come experience the beautiful Caribbean with us. 

Now I need to get back to my to-do list and packing... the worst... 


  1. Well, you know how I feel... such mixed emotions. I'm happy for you that you get to have this once-in-a-lifetime adventure/experience... sad for me. I will miss you, the boys, and Brad, more than I can say. Wish I could be up there helping you pack, it just isn't possible right now. Love you!

  2. I am so happy for you guys. We definitely go where the Lord wants us to go. Putting things in his hands takes faith and patience. I can't wait to see pictures and here about your life there! Bless you guys...love you all

  3. I lived on St. Thomas and enjoyed visiting St. John (there's a nat'l park there). You'll have to visit there. Good luck with this new adventure!

  4. Congratulations! And what an awesome adventure!! If you want any advice for homeschool, send me an email. I have 4 years of it under my belt and have tried a ton of different stuff!! :)