A Great Day

Before I begin, in case anyone is wondering... no job yet. Keep the prayers comin'! Or job openings...

Christmas is always interesting around here due to a certain birthday just a few days after. This year was EXTRA special because Jimmer not only had a birthday three days after the big holiday, he had a baptism on New Year's Eve. It was pretty awesome.

My parents and my brother Craig's family came from out of state for Christmas, his birthday, and the baptism. All happened in one week, so why not! Two days before, Brad's parents came and then the day of, my sister and her husband came down from Corvallis for the big day. Usually the Stake (a large set boundary of members in our church, divided into what we call 'wards') has a designated Baptism Day on the first Saturday of the month. Well... that wasn't until January 6th. Ain't gonna work. We were able to have a special joined baptism with a family from the ward we had previously been in a week earlier, thank goodness. I was really impressed with how seriously James took the decision to be baptized (though he didn't always show it that day, but hey... eight-year olds). We really wanted to make sure HE wanted to become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and not just because it was what we do. This year with him has really cemented with me that seven-turning-eight really is a special age. Kids are so much aware of what THEY want and not just what Mom and Dad tell them. James really came into his own this year (along with LOTS of us butting heads because of this) and realizing he wants what he wants. It was great and frustrating all at the same time (the ultimate tagline for parenting, amiright??). His baptism was perfect and it was just an amazingly special day.

*disclaimer- pardon the out of focus and oddly lit pictures that are below. I am really, really trying to figure out our DSLR that we got a couple years ago better and am still not great at it. I was a bit disappointed with how not-so-great they turned out... but, hey, we got pictures and I am going to be grateful for that! And start working on my photog skills BEFORE big events...*

I made him go out in the cold to take pictures. He wasn't thrilled, but he cooperated and we got a few
 The birthday! 
 Star Wars toy and the game Blink (awesome game for kids)
 Lego Death Trooper
 Cake time! This year all he wanted was a green and orange cake... whatever floats your birthday boat, kid
 After cake, we went to have his baptism interview with our Bishop (the leader in our ward who oversees the needs of the ward members)
 Baptism Day


  1. The day and the week were awesome...minus the various illnesses! So proud of our Jamers!

  2. The day and the week were awesome...minus the various illnesses! So proud of our Jamers!