Thank You (yes, you!)

Do you ever find yourself realizing how boring and normal your life is? How our lives are just a general basic routine for the most part. And man, wouldn't it be great to have something exciting happen?! Let me tell you- No... no, it wouldn't. Because "something exciting" is usually not of the good variety. It is usually a trial or tragedy that just plain sucks to have going on and you long for the days of  the not-so-boring-now-that-you-think-of-it life you had before. I think the next time I find myself feeling ungrateful, I'll be sure to send us on a little adventure to sate the need for excitement because we have some of the non-good excitement happening around here and I'll take the no-drama life just about now.
Almost two months ago (election night, to be exact...), Brad unfortunately lost his job. I don't believe the internet is a place to divulge much more than that (though if you are curious, I will give more details... just not for the public eye), but I will say it was a toooooootal blindside. And just in time for the holidays, too. We immediately took action to make sure our family is taken care of, but our lives are definitely changed. Though Brad hasn't had as many call backs for positions as we'd like (ugh, holidays), we have had other blessings that has made this hard time not seem all that hard. And I wanted to take this time to say THANK YOU to all of you wonderful people (even if you don't read this). 
THANK YOU to my parents, for making sure our kids had a Christmas. And for offering help immediately, even though all I needed was to cry to my mom and dad.
THANK YOU to my in-laws, who give without asking and love our family.
THANK YOU to siblings, who prayed for us, checked in on us and supported us. We appreciate it more than you know. 
THANK YOU to someone close for your gift. I hope you know who you are. Because it touched my heart and helped us so much.
THANK YOU to a certain family, who came by one night with a gift for us. A gift with the best coupons ever- tickets to go see Rogue One since we didn't know if we could spare the money just yet, babysitting/kids night, and an at home pizza and movie night complete with coupons and extra cash. My nerd heart just burst with your generosity and this act of kindness will stay with my family and I forever.
THANK YOU to another friend, who took me to go see Fantastic Beasts. Not a great time for a nerd to not have income! It was the best and YOU are the best. 
THANK YOU to all our friends, who have listened to us vent or just been there to help distract us. You have lifted and encouraged us and helped us not feel so alone.
THANK YOU to those who reached out when I cryptically asked for prayers on Facebook and Instagram. Being the curious person I am, it kind of went against my grain to not just lay it all out and not have secrecy. But it didn't feel appropriate at the time and I thank those that personally made sure all was well.
THANK YOU to those who offered thoughts and prayers without knowing what was going on. I have felt every single one. I have, I really have. You have made our lives so much lighter and brighter.
So just THANK YOU to all of you in our lives. You've made this much easier to bear.
We are hopeful something will happen sooner than later. We are hoping to stay where we are, but understand we need to do what is best for our family. And if that means a move, well then... I will sadly but with hope go where Heavenly Father wants us to go. I gotta say, this has been a completely humbling experience. It has brought us closer together and increased our dependence on Heavenly Father and our Savior. I'd call that a win... it will be in the end, I know. Every trial can be made a blessing. Things will work out... pretty sure that is our mantra at the moment. It's crazy to not have a solid grasp on our future, but this really is for the best and I am excited to see where it all leads. 


  1. Ames I love you dearly. Bless you and your sweet family and we'll be praying for you guys.

  2. I didn't know, praying for you guys. I see you have a new cool ward but I Guess if you have to move it could be over here back in 1st ward. ;) (wishful thinking)