Dance A Jig

We introduced the boys to Riverdance over the weekend and it is a hit. After we were finished watching a few videos, the boys busted out their Celtic moves and started dancing all over. It was hilariously cute. So tonight, for part of our Family Night, we had them perform again to catch it on video. Though, unfortunately, Gavin was unable to participate due to nerves. He was nervous he wouldn't know what to do (without trying first) and therefore had a bit of a breakdown. James and Jack on the other hand went for it and it was awesome. 

James has now decided he wants to be a dancer when he grows up for his job. The boys were disappointed while watching that they couldn't do what the dancers were doing and we had to explain to them that those people had to practice dancing all day to be able to be on that stage and perform, and that it was their job to do that. So dancing is in our future? We'll see how long that lasts...

And here are some awesome stills of Jack-Jack dancing. Pure joy on his face, I tell you. Now I know what to do at night when I need their energy gone!

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