A Visit With the Dentist

I wouldn't normally post something so mundane as going to the dentist. But it actually was a pretty good experience and my kids were rock stars. Plus, they're stinkin' adorable.
 Gavin trying to watch Jack's movie choice. It was hilarious watching him trying to get a good angle
All three of them have "perfect" teeth and no cavities! Woot! Gavin technically has the most perfect teeth, which is actually a problem. His baby teeth are so perfect now that when his adult teeth come in (which are about double the size), his mouth will be crowded. I'll be scheduling an appointment with the orthodontist soon because apparently he can get a retainer to start spacing his baby teeth so it isn't as bad when the adult teeth come in. How cool is that?! Like, I am amazed at what they can do with teeth! He'll still need braces down the road, but this will help it not be for as long. Having personally (and gratefully) been down the braces road myself, that is definitely a good thing. 
On a different note, apparently one of James's molars hasn't popped up all the way. Straaaange... so the dentist said they'll be watching it for the next year or two and if it doesn't fully emerge, we'll have to talk to an oral surgeon about it. Let's hope it doesn't come down to that... eesh. I also asked about his baby teeth. James lost his two front bottom teeth in July and October (i think...) and nothing since. Not even a little wiggle from any of the others. Apparently that's super normal, especially for boys. Bring on the waiting game!  

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