Mundane Errands

We have officially lived in St Croix for a whole week. Our pallet of things we wanted with us probably won't get here for another week or two. Which I am trying to not let get to me :) So far we have gone to two (technically three, but we were barely there for 5 minutes when we ditched it) beaches. Not bad! Especially considering we all feel a little cray-cray for all the errands/shopping we've been doing that inevitably comes with moving. Seriously. Gone to the grocery store almost every day. Home Depot twice. KMart an annoying amount of times. I think I have finally gotten the things I need to survive and we should be home more. Or going out and enjoying this beautiful place more! We are currently couch shopping (anybody else hate this process??) and hopefully starting two build projects. The lumber selection here is a little sparse, to say the least. Our first two projects will be a headboard for us and a dining table and benches. While we were living apart and Brad was here, he was able to build the boys matching beds for their room. They're pretty sweet looking, he did awesome.
Don't mind the sleepy heads... they are barely pulling out of their Pacific time zone...
Catch up for the day... let's take a gander at my photos...

Eye appointments! Gav and James had their first eye doctor exam. I was a little worried, not going to lie. I got my first pair of glasses in 4th grade so I've been a little nervous about when it will be the boys' turn. Maybe they all got Brad's eyes? So far, so good. The doctor said Gav looks like he'll be more on the far-sighted spectrum while James is more on the near-sighted side. Both good for now, thank heavens.
I have felt pretty negative and just... grumpy lately. Which is silly, but not. I know we are still going through a lot, in a sense. I feel like I need to be more aware of myself and the boys and cut us all a lot more slack. I will say, I am never the most pleasant person when I am uncomfortably hot. And I need to find a way to not let that affect me as much, even if it's just not doing anything for a day. Or being out and having fun instead of getting things done once in a while. Here is to relaxing and being fun. Let's make it work. 

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