A Day Off

Well, I accidentally followed yesterday's advice and basically did nothing today. A huge storm (well, huge to me) rolled in during the night. Pouring rain and strong wind. It was actually nice to wake up to an overcast day instead of bright sunlight shining on my face (we need our curtains SO BAD). It felt like the perfect day to let the boys play (and hardly fight! yes!) and me to relax and get a few things done around the house. It felt so good. So so good. I feel much better today. Way less snippy and more like myself. 

One thing I really want to work on right now is making time for spiritual upliftment. The move literally overtook my life and a lot of important "me" things got shoved to the side. I stopped working out, reading my scriptures, eating well or even enough, showering consistently, etc. I'm excited to get back to all of the things that help me be a better me. Working out needs to wait a tiiiiny bit more. Mainly because it's tile floor and apparently I have an aversion to tile I was unaware of. Or maybe it's just dirty tile and this floor needs a dang good mopping. Also, I want to exercise on a rug or yoga mat and I have neither. I'm weird, I know. Such is my life. My body is getting better at the hours here and I am hoping to add things back in now that things are calming down.  

Photo catch up of the day...
Our church ward had a fundraiser for the Young Women's Girls Camp and the Young Men's Scout Camp. It was a fifties themed dinner and auction. The boys were pretty jazzed to "dress up" for it and we were all matchy-matchy. Good night with them
By the time we were outside taking pics, Gavin was done. So he took these and loved being the photographer.

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