December Happenings

Surprise, surprise, I'm behind on here! Let's be real... I'm behind in all aspects in my life (and that is a-okay with me). To  help catch up, here is an overview of a few December things we did. Almost all were fun. One was definitely not.

The second weekend of Christmas we were finally able to get our Christmas tree. I say finally because everyone but Gavin had had the flu in some form that week. It was no bueno (I guess that means there are now two not-fun things...). We went to one of the near tree farms and were terribly unimpressed. For reals, it looked like they were all half dead and hadn't been watered.... which is basically impossible here. We tried a place down the road for them and hopped back in the car almost immediately. We didn't want to drive around aimlessly so we decided to try the place we got our tree the first time years back. We struck gold! Although... Jack did get bit by a dog while we were there (oops... tally is up to three now...). Totally not the dog's fault, but it was a tad scary. Happy to say, though Jack was really upset after it happened, he isn't scared of dogs. Phew! To read more, I wrote about it over here. Back to the tree, it was perfect and we couldn't wait to come home and put it up.
Jack's dog bite on his leg
I was able to go on my first date with Mister Gavin. We went to my favorite place for a good treat- Red Wagon Creamery. They have the best ice cream made with the most real ingredients. After, per his request, we headed to Target and Gavin got to do one of his favorite things- setting up the animals in the toy section. We then headed to the pet store for some flea meds for Sirius and oooohed and aaaahed over some kittens. We both wanted them all :)
The next week was Gavin's Winter frolic. Gav actually had only gone to school one day that week because he ended up getting the stomach flu (ugh... now we're up to four). He was in the clear to go back, but I was a little hesitant because I knew he was still lagging a bit. Sure enough, he walked in to the gym where the kindergartners were performing and was just a puddle of tears. I thought it was because he couldn't see me so Jack and I made a big deal to wave our arms and yell for him. Once the program started, he seemed to be fine. His teacher then told me he said he had gotten nervous and hadn't wanted to perform in front of people. Which was odd because Gav has never had issues with that before. Turns out since that week of being home, Gav has developed a bit of separation anxiety and easy nervousness. We're working on it :) Anyways, he had fun making all his crafts, but by the end he wasn't feeling well. Luckily resting at home was all he needed. We really really needed him well because the next day was...
Star Wars! Opening day!! And you bet your bottom we pulled James out of school to go see the movie during the day (i kept gavin home to make sure he didn't have nerve or anxiety problems)! It. Was. Awesome. Amazing. Perfect. The boys did pretty well, though Gav got a bit tired of it near the end... like, during a climatic part said, "Ugh, is it almost over?". Yes, Gavin, this pretty intense part is almost over. Now watch the epicness, please.
The next day we also had our second session of photos - different post!

Then that Monday we really kicked off Christmas break with Gavin's needing to go to Urgent Care. Bam, we know how to have a good time! Gav got a cut on his head, right by his hairline on the left. We weren't sure how deep it was and weren't sure what to do. After Gavin received a blessing and Brad and I said our own prayers and thinking what we should do, we both felt like he needed medical attention. Brad took Gavin and he said he had the option of having about three stitches or just doing the super glue route and having more of a scar. Apparently the idea of stitches freaked Gav out and they went with the super glue. When they came home, he was just finishing up a McDonald's sundae and happily said, "That was a great daddy date!" Way to see the good side to the night, bud!
Before the cut- they had actually drawn fake blood on themselves. Boys...
 We wrapped an ice pack and towel around his head to help stop the bleeding and he enjoyed his dinner
December also had Christmas and a birthday, but those can wait. Twas a great month! To finish it off, some random awesomeness
I finally got to use my cast iron pot! Made some tasty chicken noodle at the end of our flu bout
Jack, the Ninja
 Gavin, the Nephite

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