Halloween 2015

Thanksgiving has passed and the world may be decked with Christmas decorations, but I still need to catch up on Halloween. I was beyond excited for this year's Halloween costumes- Star Wars! I was bound and determined to get a good head start on it... which did and did not happen. The night before the boys' Halloween parties at school was a long night for me. BUT I finished on time and I think the boys rocked their costumes.
James was Han Solo, Gavin a stormtrooper, and Jack was Luke Skywalker from A New Hope. James had really, really wanted to be Boba Fett. I, being the cheapskate AND novice sewer-costume-maker that I am, had to convince him it wasn't going to happen. Have you seen how much a decent costume for that character is?? And I was not about to go and attempt to make armor... made my head hurt just thinking about it. Besides, Han Solo is freaking awesome. You're not settling when you go with Han. I also tried to get him to be a Jedi, but he wouldn't have it. Which is funny, because this all started when he wanted to be Anakin. Oh well, I loved making Han's costume.
So here they are, my boys from Star Wars! And they may or may not be planning to wear this to the movies next week (8 more days!!).
James's Han holster
 Jack kept folding his arms every time I asked for his picture and I couldn't figure out why. Then Brad pointed out that the picture I had on my phone to look at for reference for Luke was this pose
 James loved being Han
 Our little blondie, the perfect Luke
 Gavin, the Stormtrooper. He informed us yesterday that if Kylo Ren asked him to work for him he would say yes. That's Gavin for you
 The Star Wars crew
 One of our new-ish Halloween traditions- glow stick battles after the trick-or-treating is all done.
Of course, the boys already know what they want to be next year. And I'm pretty sure it won't change. Now to get ready for the new Star Wars movie and then Christmas and then a birthday. Plus some visitors along that timeline :) December is going to be awesome.


  1. We totally could have gone trick-or-treating with you guys... my girls (and Steve) dressed up in Star Wars gear, too! And we have big plans for next years costumes. :)

  2. Your boys are darling! I love love the costumes!