Our Family Pictures

We got our family pictures taken this year!! It's only been... two years... since we last had them taken. Whoops. I actually didn't think it would happen anytime soon either until I saw a friend's amazing family photos. I asked her about her photographer and she couldn't say enough good things about her. Then she told me her price... sold. This was actually our first session with her and I still need to schedule a second. How awesome and smart is that?! Here a few of my favorites... I'll try to limit it a little...
Oh, these boys... 
 I love the look of wonder on Jack's face with the setting he is in. Though we're pretty sure he was turning around to ask his favorite question... "What?"
 Gah, Gav! Too cute!!
I could have put so many more pictures on here, but I did say I would try to limit a little. We are such big fans of candid shots. There's nothing quite like capturing your kids and family in the way they are.
I'm so excited to for us to have another session. Eryne captured us so wonderfully and was so amazing with all of us. Now I need to go email her since I'm actually remembering to schedule the next shoot!


  1. So adorable! Cutest boys. I am loving your hair in these pictures.

  2. Love the pics, and all of you! Adorable! Seriously!!

  3. Those look fabulous, and I LOVE your hair and outfit. So cute! I agree, your photographer did an amazing job. And I love your location too.