Our Christmas 2015

We. Did not. Travel. We stayed home!! Ah, it felt goooooood to have Christmas in our home with family here. So very good. My parents came the 23rd and Rachel and Thomas came up Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve night consisted of reading Luke 2 (family tradition and a wonderful one at that), the boys opening new jammies, and my mom and I staying up late making orange rolls.
Gavin's letter to Santa
In their new pajamas
the boys enjoyed getting their pictures taken. definitely not camera shy, these boys
Christmas morning was so fun. A little hectic with little boys who wanted to help or just plain get into the presents, but all in all a fantastic morning.
With one of their new Lego sets- Avengers Tower!
Gavin thoroughly enjoys taking pictures. In fact, lately he's been saying, "Oh, I need to take a picture of that."
 Papa Pat, from Gav's perspective
Putting together Avengers Tower. Took us... two hours? to put together. And all of two days to have it demolished. The life of kids and Legos.
 Adorable new pajamas from Papa Jim and Gramma Chris!
Christmas dinner was Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes, Lion House rolls, and green beans. Dessert was a simple cheesecake variety and apple pie from Costco. I had totally planned on making some pies, but holy cow I was burnt out. Thankfully I have an awesome family who encouraged me nixing some food for my sanity. That's love ;)

My sister and brother-in-law  had to leave that night to go to his parent's the next day. The rest of us headed to Portland that Saturday to see my brother, sister-in-law, and their two kids as they made their way from the Seattle area to their home in Utah. We met up at our favorite place to eat, Kell's Irish Pub. James was awesome and ordered bangers and chips. He is our meat lover for sure. We had such a great time quickly catching up and seeing Craig and Angie. Thanks for the meet up!!
Gavin was so proud for swiping Papa's hat. With a sly smile he told my dad, "Papa, I have your hat!"
 Best buddies! James already plans on being college roomies with his cousin, Lucas
 The cousins! We absolutely LOVED seeing them (and their parents). Miss Darci and me even got to hang out for a bit. Just love that girl! Bonus- she remembered my name :) Win!
 Quick stop at the Portland Temple
And that was our Christmas! Simple but full of love and family. So basically perfect :)

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  1. Christmas really was wonderful!!! Thanks for letting us come!! 🌲🙂